Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

'MYHYV' chooses its new tronsita on Monday

‘MYHYV’ elige a su nuevo tronista este lunes

Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) starts this new week with big changes in its cast of Tronists. After the departure of Manu for having skipped the rules it is time to present the identity of the new occupant of the armchair of love. It's in the program, in a band of suitors and it's going to make a difference.

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"There are several important moments in this program", will start Toñi Moreno in the speech that will initiate the transition to the new tronista. And it will state: "One is the day of the final and another is to deliver a red envelope ". There starts the knot of this new chapter of the dating show of the mornings of Four.

The red envelope will go through the set

It is well known that the red envelope indicates that the addressee is proposed to become a new tronista, but his appointment is usually not without controversy. The first reason is that you will start running around the different suitors of the dating show to see the reaction of each one - something that tronistas do not like -; the second, that the definitive one has a great decision to take.

In this case the red envelope will fall on a pretender of Jenni. His throne is more advanced but he also has more problems, more open conflicts. That's why the new Tronista is on his side will not do any fun. More if possible when it comes to a very important boy for her, since he is one of those who are suffering the longest wait until the end.

Silvia and Jenni, tronists of MYHYV.

Silvia and Jenni, tronists of MYHYV.

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