'My name is Suleiman' is presented at the Performing Arts Festival of Panama - La Provincia

'My name is Suleiman' is presented at the Performing Arts Festival of Panama - La Provincia

The theatrical montage My name is Suleiman of One Hour Less Productions Rosigue his international journey after having premiered in the Canary Islands for more than four years, awakening the interest and attention of international programmers that include it in the offer of numerous theatrical festivals of national and international character.

On Thursday March 14 will be presented within the framework of the Festival of Performing Arts of Panama, organized by the FAE Foundation, the most important event of theater and contemporary dance that exists in the country, internationally recognized as one of the main artistic meetings of Hispanic America

When the actress Marta Viera takes the stage of the Balboa theater to interpret the editing directed by Mario Vega, the name of the author of the text of My name is Suleiman, the writer Antonio Lozano, recently deceased, will add another country to its already long list of festivals in which it has been presented This work tells the unsettling journey of the teenager Suleiman Keita, a young man of just 16 years old who is forced to make a complex and dramatic trip in a boat from the coasts of Mali to the Canaries.

The show, which has toured all the stages of the Canary Islands and has been presented in many of the main Spanish capitals, has also been requested in the most important festivals of the performing arts of the Ibero-American environment, such as Manizales in Colombia, Santo Domingo , Caracas, the FIT-BH Festival in Brazil, the FITA, which takes place in Portugal, the Don Quijote Festival in Paris, the Rentrèe Litteraire International Festival in Mali and the 34th Malaga Theater Festival, among others.

The show, scheduled at the Balboa Theater in Panama, officially opened in 1950 by the Panama Canal Company, is framed in the new edition of the International Festival of Performing Arts of that country, which celebrates in thirteen different venues various activities related to the performing arts, from workshops to theatrical performances.

In addition, the Performing Arts and Music Unit of the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Promotion of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), has included the aforementioned theatrical production in its 2019 catalog. My name is Suleiman He has also enjoyed the credit of the Spanish Theater Network, which included it in edition 38 of the Book of Shows Recommended by the Theater and Circus Committee of that entity.

My name is Suleiman, which he counted for his production with the collaboration of Amnesty International and the city council of Agüimes, has become the scenic montage that has enjoyed more national and international projection than those that have occurred to date in the history of the theater produced in the Canary Islands.


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