«My first gold in snow has been very special, because it has been shared» – CyL Adapted Sport

«My first gold in snow has been very special, because it has been shared» – CyL Adapted Sport

  • Raquel Martínez achieves her first gold metal in the Snow Board World Cup in the Pyrenees in the format in pairs with the Basque Irati Idiakez

  • «I love snowboarding because of the good vibes there are… We achieved gold and the French were on the podium singing Viva España»

Raquel Martinez and Irati Idiakez, with their gold medals. FEDEACYL

Raquel Martínez has become one of the most beloved athletes on the snowboarding circuit at a national level, but just a week ago she has also carved a place for herself in the hearts of the participants in the Paralympic Sbnowboard World Championship.

The young woman from Leon, a tireless worker, is "on a cloud", which goes up and up these days, and whose first stop at the international event was marked by the gold medal achieved in the snowboard cross discipline. "I still can't believe it," she manages to say, visibly moved.

The athlete from Club Toba assures that the metal achieved at La Molina Station "is even more special", because she has achieved it together with the Basque Irati idiakez. "When I saw that the first one was coming down... I started screaming like crazy... We were golden", highlights the rider from the Federation of Adapted Sports of Castilla y León (Fedeacyl).

«It has been very special, because Irati and I have a very special relationship. We have been living together for many years: we trained together, we competed in skiing and we get along very well. We have a very important, very cool relationship… We take care of each other, we respect each other, and we know what each other needs”, Raquel details. "It was amazing to win the medal with her."

Aside from the gold, Raquel has also participated individually in the Championship, in which for the moment she assures that she has met her objectives. «I am very satisfied. My descent in competition was the best I've ever done, and that's what I'll take away. From here, whatever comes », she assures her in relation to an appointment that will take place until this Friday.

The FIS Parasnowboard World Championship has 48 athletes from 19 countries, 31 riders in the male category and 17 in the female category. The competition still has to play the Dual Banked Slalom (BS) modality, in which the woman from Leon hopes to "continue to comply."

Apart from the results, the athlete from Fedeacyl and the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Cerebral Palsy (FEDPC) highlights "the good vibes" of snow. "It's the first thing that surprised me. In skiing, it's not that there wasn't... But it's more serious. Everything is very close here, they are very sincerely happy for you », she analyzes.

«But it is not only the athletes from home who do it... When we achieved gold with Irati, all the French were on the podium singing Viva España. There is a great atmosphere”, concludes the already international medalist