Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

'My favorite city is Madrid'

Piqué: “Mi ciudad favorita es Madrid porque me siento como en casa”

If the visit of Gerard Piqué to
The resistance
of David Broncano (Movistar +) was already the most talked about two weeks ago on social networks, now they have come to light unpublished images in which the defender of FC Barcelona is seen, minutes before starting the program, going on stage to greet the audience. Among jokes, he confesses that his favorite city "In Spain", is Madrid.

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And we must qualify the statement "in Spain" because that is how the comedian Jaime Caravaca asks the question that he asked the Catalan "What is your favorite city in Spain?". Piqué did not hesitate to answer: "Madrid". Before the cross-examination of "why?", The player sentenced with hands in jug at the waist: "Because I feel at home."

Better whistle me and so it seems that this is the Bernabéu "

That is to say, that Piqué knew what was going on and the jokes already began in the preheating of the program. In fact, few expected that Piqué appeared on stage when Caravaca gave way. Y the Barça player did not hesitate to encourage the audience to the program with a typical song of the Roulette of Luck program.

"Hey, better whistle me and that's how it seems this is the Bernabéu," Piqué said after the reception in style. Only one dared to say "Hala Madrid!", According to the comedian who was the presenter. Piqué followed the game and He let it be Caravaca who made jokes with his native Murcia and Murcia, while the Barça player tried not to put a hat so as not to offend any of those present.

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