May 31, 2020

"My big night is coming"

The years do not pass through Raphael (Linares, 1943) at the same speed as for the rest of the mortals. His people have their own "tempo" and continue to breathe a youth that many 20-year-olds long for. In fact, the first thing he does every morning is to say good morning to his fans on Twitter. He arrives at the interview with a denim jacket and unbuttoned shirt worthy of a "millennial." And of course his unmistakable heel booties. A busy summer awaits him with his album tour "RESINPHONICO", which has become a real sensation.

Why does everything you touch make it a success? Are you afraid that at some point you stop liking what you do?

The public has loved it, during the concerts it is enthusiastic and it finishes to the maximum, like me. It gives great joy when you guess what you do. I do not know what the key is, I am disciplined and I try to comply. Moreover, before starting a tour I always do a medical check-up. Some people see it weird, I find it decent. I do not want to cheat. You can not go to your followers with Chinese stories. There is always the risk of not hitting, you have to assume it, although it has not happened to me.

His "tourné" will end in December in Madrid, where he always likes to "put the icing on the cake". He emphasizes that he is a nonconformist, "I am always scheming, I am never completely satisfied, I notice that something is missing, but that is what drives me to continue creating," he confesses. Carefully inspect Barrutia and the 9, the bar where we have been to take some canes, well, he a chamomile (infusion) because it does not taste alcohol, while we look back.

He jumped to fame after winning the Benidorm Festival, which was like the "Operación Triunfo" of the time. Would he have presented himself to a reality show if he started his career now?

The "OT" from before was the radio. I sang on the phone at the stations and with different names to repeat. I think I would not introduce myself to these music "realities", I have always gone against the current and I continue to do so, the years have not changed me.

That he is a revolutionary there is no doubt …

I do not do revolutionary things, it's like I get out. I've had producers who told me that if I really liked what I was doing, I would say yes, it's more, they drove me crazy. They distrusted and then the issues have all been numbers one. I will always defend what I believe in. What you have to avoid is getting carried away by the siren songs.

It is also festivalero, the Sonorama opened to new audiences. Do you feel more comfortable among young people?

It was not me who went in search of the young audience, they are the ones who discovered me and not because of their parents' words. One day I put a tweet in which said that they followed me because their parents did and they answered me: "What parents or what nothing. To me, my parents do not tell me what I have to do or listen ». I am always surrounded by young people, my great friends are the friends of my children, I am a very normal person and they feel comfortable with me and I with them. Also, I know what moves in the new generations that some are good and others not so much.

And in their helmets also "trap" sounds like in those of young people?

I do not use helmets, I have to listen to music as I do live. I just do not enjoy it. I can not find a joke to wear helmets. What's more, I do not use them directly either, I'm the only artist who does not. Once, at the Carnegie Hall in New York, I was advised to do so and the third song I had to remove them. I could not stand it. It takes away my contact with people, I am here to share and listen to the public, not to isolate myself. They will say that I am crazy, but that is how I am.

What has been your great night?

That is still to come, as is the worst. There will always be one that exceeds the past. What I do know is that "My big night" is already in the third or fourth life, so imagine.

What do you sing to the eight children of your three children (so he refers to his grandchildren to avoid the forbidden word)? A Raphael lullaby must be the bomb to fall asleep while you delight them …

The truth is that I exercise very well with the children of my children, who call me Raphael, which is how they hear people talking to me. I have my holy month on vacation because, fortunately, my family claims me. We make normal plans: beach, pool, dinners away from home …

Why did Málaga change to Ibiza for its summer retreat?

It was after my transplant. My photographer, who is no longer in this world, recommended it to me. "Nobody will bother you here," he told me. Well, nobody … (laughs). The truth is that I never run away, I always face forward, but I also appreciate that you respect your privacy. There everyone knows what I eat and drink in each restaurant, they are very attentive, but they leave you alone.

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