Muy Moi, the Canarian fakir that dazzles Risto Mejide with dance and fire – La Provincia

Muy Moi, the Canarian fakir that dazzles Risto Mejide with dance and fire - La Provincia

"My name is Moisés and I am from Tenerife, but this is living in Germany", this is how Very Moi in the program Got Talent before the jury –Risto Mejide, Paz Padilla, Eva Isanta Y Edurne– I did not expect the show that was waiting for them next.

The young Canary made a number in which he mixed the dance with the faquir skills. The show started with contortion to then put a knife through his nose. To the surprise of everyone, he immediately set himself on fire and then, as if by magic, he disappeared. And as a closing, he invited Paz Padilla and Eva Isanta to participate in the show. The actress From La lorenzo posed all the weight of his body on the contestant, who had his face on glass, without suffering any damage.

"The never seen"Risto said when he saw the show" I would like nothing more than to give you the 'golden pass'. But, do you know what happens? That this edition I have decided to give it to someone who needs it and you will not need it, "said Mejide Padilla urged his partner to pay attention to the public and he continued to give emotion at the time. give the 'gold pass', vote no and then you will need it, "he added to put excitement to the vote of the jury.

Padilla followed his partner's game and gave the canary a 'no'. Edurne had "desire to see more" and pronounced the 'yes'. But Isanta also followed the current of the publicist, whose vote was decisive.

"I have that weakness. I love manipulating people, and then … well, just give you the 'golden pass'! ", he announced." Stay well with your face because this kid will get very far in this program and beyond, "he said after going on stage and merging into a hug with Tenerife.


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