June 21, 2021

Musicals raise more than the entire Spanish film industry in Madrid

Subsidies to Spanish cinema are always the subject of controversy in social networks. Recent statements by actor and director Eduardo Casanovas at the Goya awards raised blisters among the detractors of state support for national cinema. A new contender joins the debate: The musicals.

The figures published by SOM Produce, put in 110 million the collection in 2018 of musicals in Madrid, almost 7 million more than all the Spanish cinema. The producer will renew the offer in its four theaters in the capital with titles such as “Grease” and new assemblies dedicated to “la” Piqué and Serrat.

The producer José María Cámara, explained on Wednesday that, according to the aggregated data of the 21 private companies and the 28 theaters of management or private ownership of the capital deposited in the Mercantile Registry, they invoiced 160 million euros, 110 of them coming from the musical theater and that 90% of them were generated by SOM Produce and Stage Entertainment (“The Lion King”).

According to official data from the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), all Spanish cinema billed in 2018 103.79 million euros, a figure that dropped to 94.11 million in 2019.

“Only SOM Produce, the largest operator in Spain with 4700 seats, billed in 2018 as much as 50% of all Spanish cinema,” said Chamber, who believes Madrid is “consolidated as the world capital of musicals in Spanish” .

The “number 2” of the “operators” is the City Council of Madrid, with 4000 seats in its theaters, and “number 3” is the Balañá Group of Barcelona, ​​said Chamber.

The producer of “Billy Elliot” or “The Cage of the Mad”, which manages the theaters Rialto, Calderón, Nuevo Apolo and Alcalá, has commissioned the playwright Juan Carlos Rubio a musical that will bring together Concha Piquer and Federico García Lorca, in synchronicity. with Rafael de León “as a witness of what could have been”.

In substitution of “Adiós Arturo” of La Cubana, in Calderón, which will end in March, “The pillars of the Earth” will be released, and “La caula de las mads”, which will conclude in May, will happen in the Rialto ” The function that goes wrong “,” that makes the leap to Gran Vía from the Teatro de la Latina “due to its great success.

The Rialto will be “the great destination for comedy in Madrid” and on its billboard “The function that goes wrong” will coexist with the last show of Los Morancos and the “Comedy Club”.

SOM Produce will be in charge of the programming of the Nuevo Apolo theater from July 1, where “Aquellas otros cosas”, a musical with the songs of Joan Manuel Serrat, will be released in the 20/21 season.

“Billy Elliot”, after almost three years on the billboard, will say goodbye on July 12 to travel to Barcelona, ​​where it will premiere on October 8, in Tivoli, and its place will be occupied by “Grease”.

“When we lower the curtain we will have done 1150 functions, very close to the 1300 that were made on Broadway. It will be the third city in the world with more public for that work, a million spectators,” said Chamber.

Around 120 musical performers have passed through the stage of the musical, trained in the school they organized to prepare them, germ of which they will launch in 2021 and in which they will teach those who wish to make a career in the sector.

It will be the director of “Billy Elliot”, David Serrano, who also deals with “Grease”: “I will do it with young people of the real age of the work, not 36 years. It will be the first assembly to be done in the world thus, and the actors will be boys and girls who have gone through ‘Billy Elliot’ -10- and who have auditions -other 30- “, he explained.

Chamber has announced that “shortly” the City Council and they will make public “a package of essential initiatives for Madrid” which has not wanted to advance anything else.


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