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«Music is a necessity"

«Music is a necessity"

When Josep Vicent (Altea, 1970) accepted the challenge of being the director of the newborn orchestra ADDA Simfònica, a few months ago, he did not imagine that group success would come so early. The one of the Delegation of Alicante already is a referring one in the world of the international orchestras. Your commitments are counted by dozens. Without going any further, this Sunday they assume the interpretation of the always complicated Shostakovich and his «Leningrad».

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-How have you been these first months of walking?

-We are all absolutely impressed by the process. It has been more powerful than we expected. An instrument of exceptional quality has been built. This shows that there are many very good people, very good Spaniards, who had the need to find quality work. We are an impressive formation. I receive many congratulatory messages. Every time we give a concert, we generate a lot of empathy. This has made everything go very fast. The agenda of the orchestra is up to commitments. We are very grateful.

-As a Valencian, what do you feel when you lead one of the best orchestras in the Valencian Community, and in Spain?

-It's a world-class orchestra. I really say it, it's a very special orchestra. It is an honor for me. You start working the first day and you realize that we are going, together, to be able to get to the essence of music. At the speed we work today, and with the pressure that exists, achieving this is very complicated.

-An initial season focused on all audiences. Is this, the failure to open the age range, the great error of orchestral music during the last decades?

-I agree. Music has no age barriers. In addition, we make the mistake that, in order to approach an audience of a certain age, you have to adapt both the thing that ends up being another. In the end you end up doing a theater show, which is not bad, but it's not pure classical music. I do not consider myself so old yet, and I know that all the people of my generation love music deeply. What they do not love is the foolishness around music. All those rules that prevent them from feeling at home when they go to an audience. ADDA Simfònica has an age spectrum between 26 and 54 years, and that energy is transmitted to all audiences.

-How is such a high number of concerts possible in such a short space of time?

-The orchestra is working hard and at a very good pace. Music and culture is not a hobby, but a necessity, like health or education. The human being needs this influence once basic needs are met. This requires a lot of people working on it and many audiences that work at a good pace.

-I understand that it demands a better financing towards the orchestral world.

-I want you to look directly at the mobilization capacity that music has. Society has the opportunity to approach beauty. I am rehearsing and it goes through my mind "what a privilege!" We have the obligation to be able to offer this opportunity to the people. For a country's budget, investment in culture is minimal. But the offer must also be compromised and of quality, of course.

-What does it mean to play in the Auditorium of the Diputación de Alicante?

-The basis of everything is the communication that occurs between human beings through a physical wave of sound. If the wave arrives with enough pressure, color, power ... It provokes in you the feeling that the music is coming to you and is touching you. The architectural quality of the building is fundamental for this. There are not two equal audiences, but there are some that have a small star that makes them special. The ADDA has it. If I did not have that soul for the sound, nothing we're talking about would have happened. Doing things right has its effect. It is the initiatory element of this whole conversation.

-What would you highlight of the nearest program?

-There are a couple of special milestones. On April 14 we will perform "Leningrad", which Shostakovich wrote for a city totally destroyed after the war, in a theater that had no roof, for a broken society ... Since its premiere, it has become a symbol of resistance, the strength of the human being. On May 9, on the other hand, and with the collaboration of the European Trademark and Patent Agency, which resides in Alicante, we set up "The Creation" by Haydn with the staging designed by "La Fura dels Baus". Two indisputable appointments. In addition, on May 24 we will do a program entitled «From the hymn for the happy man», in collaboration with Steffano Bollani, an impressive pianist who unites jazz through classical music through his fingers. We will do music from Gershwin and Copland, among others. In summer there will be two special dates: in July we will celebrate the centenary of Bernstein's birth, with his "West Side Story", and the 75th anniversary of Michael Nyman. He will be with us, with his indisputable music, patrimony of all.

-Finally, what advice would you give to the young directors who are beginning in the always complicated world of the baton?

-There are great powers that play and influence this world. It is difficult to work with a symphony orchestra: if you want to learn to play the trombone, you buy a trombone; But to get in front of an orchestra to work you need to have the luck and the opportunity. We must go generating them among all. I would tell the young directors to believe in themselves, that they are no other. I built my career making my spaces from the beginning. It's a long way. At the beginning it's up to you to make the posters to announce the concert. There is a great orchestra conducting book that says orchestra conducting is the one by the way of orchestra conducting. There are many aspects around that you have to take by the hand. I encourage you to enjoy that construction process. Do not stop dreaming.


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