“Music has to be part of everyday life again”

Gumiel de Mercado (Burgos), Apr 21 (EFE) .- The singer Luz Casal has highlighted this Wednesday the fundamental role that music plays in people, for which she has considered that when the coronavirus crisis is overcome “it has to come back to be part of people’s daily lives. ”

However, he has recognized that for the moment professionals in the music sector, on which thousands of people depend, have to be realistic and aware of the threat that still exists while the entire population is not vaccinated.

“We will have to be patient and gradually adjust to the times. It makes no sense to ruin what we have achieved little by little in terms of isolating ourselves from this threat that is still the virus,” he said.

The singer has made these statements during her stay in the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin where she has collected her appointment as a member of the Membership of the Tenada de Bodegas Valduero, in the Burgos municipality of Gumiel de Mercado.

Casal has acknowledged that he has not yet planned to get back on stage, among other reasons because they do not want to do acoustic concerts, but with the whole band. He has only advanced, without giving details, the possibility of a performance in July still pending.

However, he has recognized that in this time, which has served to reflect, ask himself questions and seek answers, he is focusing his efforts on making songs.

“And I think I have some pretty good ones,” he said, although he is not in a hurry to record permanently to release an album.

Regarding the culture of wine, which has caused its presence in the riverine denomination of origin, Casal has recognized that drinking a wine from the land you are visiting is a way of feeling part of the territory in which you are.

“Wine is a manifestation of the land, it is like eating a certain thing that is born in the field there and you cannot take it 30 kilometers away. It is to feel part of the land in which you are at that moment,” he stressed.

Luz Casal has confessed to being a wine lover, she has claimed her link to the world of culture and has assured that she always defends Spanish wines, “above all others, even the French ones,” she joked.

She has guaranteed that from now on she will gladly act as an ambassador for the Ribera del Duero and has been pleasantly surprised to have known the white wines made with the Albillo Mayor variety. “It was the discovery of the day,” he stressed.


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