November 24, 2020

Murders and other violent crimes increase in New York

The murders increased during the month of October throughout the city of New York while other violent crimes have registered a slight increase this year, according to the data offered this Wednesday by the police.

Police statistics show that last month there were 29 homicides compared to the 18 registered for this date last year, up 61 percent, the Daily News notes.

So far this year, the murders have increased in general in the big apple, with 267 cases, including October 29, a 3.1% growth when compared to 259 last year to this date, of I agree with these statistics cited by the newspaper.

Another violent crime on the rise are the violations, with 1,529 reported to date, three more than those occurred last year for the same period.

Thefts have also followed that trend with 10,920 cases so far, compared with 10,808 reported until October last year, as well as the shootings with 670 so far this year, a slight increase over the 641 of the same period in 2018.

However, in general terms, the police stressed that the total crime rate has continued to fall this year, when they add 78,887 compared to the 80,313 registered during 2018 in the city.

"Our commitment to New Yorkers is to continue working tirelessly to increase public safety and ensure that people feel safe where they live," said police chief James O'Neill, who on Monday announced his resignation from his position three years.

O'Neill, who will be in the position until the end of this month of November, accepted a job in the private company as head of Visa security for the more than 200 countries where he operates.

"While crime rates are at record lows, there is more work to be done to ensure that all New Yorkers feel safe in their neighborhood," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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