May 11, 2021

Murder of Gabriel Cruz tries to commit suicide in prison

Murder of Gabriel Cruz tries to commit suicide in prison

Ana Julia Quezada, the confessed murderer of the small Gabriel Cruz, has tried to commit suicide in prison, according to information that Espejo Público, of Antena3 has had access to.

Apparently, Ana Julia argued with another prisoner, which caused her to be transferred to an isolation cell. It was there where he tried to kill himself with a disposable blade, but prison officials managed to prevent it.

The event, which has been recorded now, It took place on December 31st.

The address of the provincial penitentiary center of El Acebuche, in Almeria, has agreed to assign an internal accompaniment to Ana Julia, although she assures that when she was recognized in nursing he only had "scratches on his hands".

Prison sources have indicated to Europa Press that the incident took place on January 31 and that, apparently, the trigger was an "information appeared in a media outlet" that led to Quezada, in provisional prison as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of the prisoner. eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz, received "some kind of reproach" from another inmate.

The decision to assign an internal accompaniment has been taken "Even though we have certain certainty that there is no risk of suicide". "It is a prevention because risk as such does not exist", have said the sources added to add that it is not the "first time" that this situation occurs with Ana Julia Quezada as it "affects her to see some news about her".

The same sources have pointed out that the "scratches" that were self-inflicted were "very mild", that did not require medical attention and that, at present, the situation inside the penitentiary center of the defendant for the crime of Gabriel Cruz "It is completely normalized," reports Ep.


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