Murder laura Luelmo: The house of horror

Murder laura Luelmo: The house of horror

It would be around 11pm on Wednesday, December 12 when David was washing some glasses in the back room of the bar of the Salvochea hunting society of El Campillo (Huelva). He was so calm when, suddenly, he heard some terrible blows. "I went outside and said to those who were: '' They are giving out some beating that are not normal. '' But hey, what are you going to think? We do not count and there was the thing. On Friday, when they learned of the disappearance of Laura Luelmo (whom they had not yet seen in the town), David thought that this information should know in the command center that had already installed in the town in order to organize batidas for the search of the girl. He believed that the blows came from Laura's house but, now that more details are known about what could have happened during those hours, they may have come from the house opposite (located barely three meters from the hunters' society). ), the one of Bernardo Montoya and where it thinks that it could be the scene of the crime. Those blows that David describes fit with the hours he handles the investigation about the place and the time slot in which Montoya sexually abused Laura and then give him a beating that would end with his death. The researchers believe it due to the amount of biological remains found in the place. Specifically, the young woman's blood in various parts of the tiny house, despite the fact that Montoya tried to eliminate evidence and cleaned the house with bleach and even the clothes she was wearing that day. It was of little use because there is no undetectable blood drop for the specialists of Eye Inspections of the Civil Guard and, above all, for Marley and Athor, the dogs of the Cinologic Service of the Armed Institute, which already participated in investigations such as Gabriel Cruz or Diana Quer. In the house also were in the morning agents of the Criminalistics team looking for new evidence,

The episode of his house is another point that the investigation has shown and that Montoya omitted from his "confession", when he "defeated" the early hours of Wednesday (less than 24 hours after being arrested) and admitted before the interrogations of the Civil Guard be responsible for the death. He lied at this point (he said that he hit him in the head with the trunk of the car and directly put it in him to take it to the place where they found his body). There he said that he tried to rape her but that he did not succeed, an extreme that, unfortunately, has also denied the science: the autopsy revealed that she was sexually assaulted. They believe that Laura was raped at Montoya's house and got rid of her body near kilometer 166 of the N-435 much later. In fact, they believe that he was able to get the girl out of the house with the blanket they found yesterday. Another neighbor of El Campillo also counted on Monday, when the corpse appeared, that he saw "the gypsy" take out a bundle (which they later assumed was the girl) in a blanket but nobody believed him and they put him in the bag of exaggerations and hoaxes that those days ran through the town. Now we know that it could be true. What is true is that from Montoya's house to the point where Laura's body is located, the simplest thing to do is to go along a road that borders the town and passes through the cemetery. There the agents recovered, after confessing the author, a plastic bag with some belongings of Laura that Montoya threw there. There was a purse, the house and car keys, and personal hygiene equipment. What Montoya did not want to say is the place where he threw Laura's cell phone, which also had it on her and that would provide relevant information. Following this road, about 5 minutes by car, you reach kilometer 167 of the N-435, where the blanket with traces of blood has been recovered, one kilometer from the point where the road leading to the ravine of Mimbrera, where was Laura's body. The autopsy revealed that the body was "strongly violated"; that is, he not only suffered a single death blow to the forehead.


The lawyer Servando Carranza who has assisted since his arrest Bernardo Montoya, confessed author of the young Laura Luelmo, has waived his defense considering that it is "the most appropriate".

Montoya arrived this Friday, shortly before 8:00 pm, to the judicial office of Valverde del Camino to appear before the head of the Court of Instruction number 1 of the town, appearance that has already begun in the presence of a new lawyer.

The confessed author has been brought to court this afternoon but until almost 8:00 pm he has not arrived at the courts to give evidence. Meanwhile has been guarded in the barracks of the Civil Guard Valverde municipality.

Throughout the day the accesses to the courts of Valverde have been cordoned off and the Civil Guard has enabled a wide security device with a large number of agents.

Montoya left this morning from the Commandery of Huelva, at 9.15 am, escorted by two agents between cries of 'murderer' by some 50 people who were waiting for him at the door of the Command to remonstrate.


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