Murder Laura Luelmo, died the night of the day she disappeared

Murder Laura Luelmo, died the night of the day she disappeared

The Civil Guard believes that Laura Luelmo died the same day of her kidnapping. Between five and six in the afternoon. Although the previous autopsy indicated that he could have been alive two days after his abduction, the UCO Lieutenant Colonel, Jesús García indicated that the final forensic report is still available and indicated that the body was well preserved due to the cold he had done so he considered that Laura died the same day of the kidnapping. In any case, stressed the head of the Huelva command, Colonel Ezequiel Romero, did not suffer due to the position in which the body was and that had no features of having moved. "If it was alive or it would not be necessary to analyze it, but it would not be conscious". What they did not point out is if Montoya killed her in the house or in the place where her body was found 10 km from the northwest area of ​​Campillo.

According to the report of the investigation agents, the kidnapping of the young teacher took place on the 12th, when she arrived from the supermarket with the purchase – half a dozen eggs, two bottles of water and a bag of potatoes – and Bernardo Montoya He waited with a brazier at the door of the girl's house. There he takes her, the maniata, covers her mouth and takes her home. When Montoya realizes that he left the brazier at the door of Laura's house decides to go to retrieve it moment in which the young teacher, according to the statement of the confessed murderer, hits him in the ribs so he gets angry and hit her hard against the floor of her house and then take her out of the house and throw her into the place where she was found. Laura died from the blows that her attacker produced.

Two days later, Montoya went to a health center for the blow to the ribs. As specified, Bernardo Montoya was a "suspect with capital letters" and on Friday, December 14, two days after the disappearance of the teacher, he went to a health center in Cortegana because he complained of a blow to the ribs.

As for the sexual assault, the investigators assure that the hypothesis is that the Bernando Montoya did it in the field because there it had the pants close and the body appeared naked from waist down.


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