Murder in Mexico by Pilar Garrido: husband declared guilty

Murder in Mexico by Pilar Garrido: husband declared guilty

A court in Mexico has convicted of a crime of feminicide to Jorge Fernández González, the husband of the Spanish Pilar Garrido Santamans, murdered in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas in the summer of 2017.

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Following this judicial decision, the penalty that will be imposed will be announced in a new session that will take place next Monday, January 14, according to Europa Press sources of the corresponding trial court.

The crime of feminicide can be punished with between 40 years and 50 years in prison and an economic fine for damages.

"It was a very unfortunate decision, with conviction," he told Televisa the defense lawyer, Jesus Eduardo Govea, who has announced that they will appeal the judicial decision.

Pilar Garrido, from Massalavés (Valencia) was kidnapped in Tamaulipas on July 2 of last year when she was traveling with her husband and in the company of her son, who was young.

Weeks later, the Attorney General's Office (PGJ) of this Mexican state confirmed that the remains of bone located on July 26 in a nearby area corresponded to the disappeared. The family requested a second DNA test in Spain and it was confirmed.

During the investigation, The Mexican Police tried to corroborate the testimony provided by the husband, who was interrogated as a witness when he filed the complaint. At the end of August, the husband was arrested in Tamaulipas as the main suspect in the murder of his wife, according to the Chief Prosecutor's Office and confirmed by the National Police of Spain.

After his entry in provisional prison, the family said that the evidence against Jorge Fernández was not "conclusive" and the mother traveled to Tamaulipas to bring the child. The sister told a press conference that the Mexican authorities did not give them "enough evidence to prove 100 percent that Jorge is the culprit" and thanked the Generalitat Valenciana for paying for the repatriation of Pilar's body.

The Prosecutor's Office assured, nevertheless, that it had enough evidence to formally accuse Pilar's husband. "It is important to remember that the Prosecutor's Office has passed its investigations through all the scientific and technological methods to support its case," he said in a statement.


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