Murcia says it will not allow the closure of the transfer by ecological criteria

Murcia says it will not allow the closure of the transfer by ecological criteria

The Government of Murcia today expressed its "strongest opposition" to the opinion that will be voted on this afternoon in the Congress of Deputies because it considers that it will involve the closure of the Tajo-Segura transfer, something that the Executive will not allow, let alone alleging "ecological criteria".

In the press conference after the Governing Council, his spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo, has referred to the debate and vote this afternoon in the Commission of Ecological Transition of the Congress of an opinion on recommendations and proposals of water policy in coherence with the challenges of climate change.

Arroyo regretted that this opinion, raised by PSOE and Podemos, includes a redeployment of the transfer, which would really mean the closure of that infrastructure.

Arroyo has criticized that ecological reasons are alleged when the transfer is, in his opinion, "the most effective infrastructure in Spain to fight against climate change and to avoid desertification."

Thus, he recalled that supplies 2.5 million people not only in the Region of Murcia, also in the south of Alicante and east of Almeria, whose farmers and inhabitants, otherwise, would not have "water to live."

In addition, criticized that the opinion denies the existence of deficit basins, and recalled that in the basin of the Segura is where it rains least in Europe, a fact that has supported showing a map in which are reflected by color precipitation of all the continent. The Region of Murcia is the only one that appears in red.

Arroyo recalled that the president, Fernando Lopez Miras, will transfer to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, in the meeting scheduled for next November 28, that the transfer is "vital" for the autonomous community and could not live in it without that infrastructure.


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