November 30, 2020

Murcia government, employers and unions agree 182 million in reactivation

The Government, the employers’ association and the UGT and CCOO unions in the Murcia region have sealed this Saturday a pact for the post-VIDV-19 socioeconomic revival endowed with 182 million euros for 40 measures articulated in 10 axes that include aid to companies, the conciliation and unemployment.

The largest item, of 67 million, is for aid to the unemployed, basic insertion income, vulnerable groups, house rentals for poor families and controls and guarantees in homes for the elderly and for disabled people.

34.6 million are to increase resources and templates for active employment policies and incentives for hiring, maintaining jobs, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

20.4 million go to support small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed with loans, loan deferrals and advice to avoid the closure of distressed businesses.

The digitization of the educational system takes 19.1 million to reinforce the technological training of teachers and modernization and purchase of computer equipment so that schools and students can combine face-to-face and online education equally.

A health and socioeconomic contingency fund to prevent similar future crises with the reinforcement of personnel in primary care is endowed with 13 million and 10.3 are destined to the payment of invoices to providers of the autonomous administration.

Commerce and tourism, especially in the Mar Menor area, will have 5.8 million to facilitate liquidity and encourage the digitization and modernization of sales.

With 5.6 million, aid will be articulated for workers affected by temporary employment regulation files and family and labor reconciliation for those who have had to request leave of absence or reduction of working hours to take care of their relatives while the educational centers remain closed.

4 million are budgeted for the elimination of fees and the extension of deferment periods and for the fight against tax fraud.

Lastly, 2.85 are for the reinforcement of safety measures at work and adaptation to the new ones required by the COVID-19 with disinfection, elements for physical separation or articulation of distances between posts, personal protective equipment and protocols to avoid infections.

After a few words of remembrance for the recently deceased former IU general coordinator Julio Anguita, Murcian President Fernando López Miras has once again appealed to the central government to financially support the region’s return to national leadership in job creation and economic growth Therefore, “it does not deserve to be left behind due to unequal and unfair treatment.”


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