January 18, 2021

Municipal Police Chief Arrested for Link to Mormon Massacre

A Mexican municipal police chief was arrested as a suspect in the case of the murder of nine members of a Mormon family that occurred on November 4 in northwestern Mexico, sources from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported to the press.

Fidel Alejandro Villegas, commander of the municipal police of Janos, municipality of Chihuahua, was arrested on December 24 and transferred to Mexico City, where the other two detained in this case are, sources said.

The mayor of Janos, Sebastián Efraín Pineda, confirmed in a telephone interview with the newspaper La Tarde the arrest of Villegas in Ciudad Juárez, border with the United States.

Although they have not issued an official statement confirming the capture of Villegas, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office told the Mexican press that he is considered involved with the criminal group that perpetrated on November 4 the murders of nine women and children of this Mexican community -U.S.

Villegas is already the third arrested in this case of the murder of nine members of the Mormon community, three women and six children, in this attack that took place in the community of Bavispe, Sonora, bordering Chihuahua.

Before, brothers Héctor Mario and Luis Manuel Hernández were arrested, who are being held under the figure of roots in Mexico City.

After the massacre of the nine members of the Mormon community, their relatives requested that the United States Government declare the drug trafficking groups of Mexico as “Foreign Terrorist Organizations”, a request that sharpened the tensions between the United States and Mexico.

The designation of cartels as terrorist organizations seeks to isolate them internationally by imposing immigration restrictions on their members so that they cannot enter the country, as well as prohibitions so that they do not access the US financial system.

In the region that occupies the Mormon community between the Mexican states of Sonora and Chihuahua there is a territorial dispute between cells of the Pacific Cartel or Sinaloa with the criminal group Los Salazar, and the criminal group of the Line, armed arm of the Cartel de Juárez .


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