January 27, 2021

Muni sentenced to Viera – The Province

Muni sentenced to Viera - The Province

The Ibarra added, in front of the Union Viera, his second triumph for the minimum. After the frantic victory against the Anzarote, the picture of Ivan Rodriguez won again in the aftermath of the contest, this time with a maximum penalty materialized by Muni.

After a few first minutes of scoring, the spectators present at the Villa Isabel saw an entertaining initial period, in which the Ibarra He started dominating in front of a Jero Santana painting that shook off the pressure during the final stretch of the first half to take the initiative in the match.

After the restart, the Union Viera came out very plugged and enjoyed the possession of the ball against the team of Ivan Rodriguez, who opted for the counterattack.

In the 66th minute, Álex Guanche saved Unión Viera with a great save from a shot from Balduino, after the service of his team mate Matías. For its part, the goal Marko Cicovic was also very active to avoid the goal of the Gran Canaria. Already in the final stretch, the referee indicated a penalty by Elvis, inside the area. Muni did not fail from the eleven meters to give three valuable points to the team of Ivan Rodriguez.


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