June 23, 2021

Munch’s mother is she

The controversial artist presents a monumental nine-meter sculpture that will be placed outside the museum dedicated to the artist in Oslo

Tracey Emin has, at the outset, a somewhat sullen gesture, of those who throw a little or a little back. The English artist, who exploded like so many other sacred cows when the “BYA” (British Young Artist) made “boom”, has a long and tasty career in which the scandals have been the order of the day. However, now the days when he exhibited to the world (and not only art) without the slightest modesty a broken bed in which sex and despair could almost be smelled are far away.

Since that time has elapsed and Emin, who never let his work go unnoticed, received years ago the commission to raise a sculpture of one of the artists he most admires and who says he has been closest: Eduard Munch. That damn and blessed madman whose torn cry still thunders us. Emin has carved in his own way a piece in which he has placed the artist, who is intuited and not seen, in his mother’s arms. A woman who is sitting. She cradles him in her lap. An image perhaps too tender for the torn sleaze that this creator usually spends.

Travel in cargo ships

«Munch’s mother died when he was very young. And I wanted to give him one, ”he said in an interview that publishes“ The Guardian ”. The work, in bronze and with a height of nine meters, is sure to become a reference image. He says that it all started with a small clay-modeled image with which the artist says, that he began to play in his hands.

The work, with a weight of 15 tons, has 97 independent pieces “that will be joined in three sections and sent to Oslo on cargo ships.” The environment, as the artist has revealed, will become an enclave in which the green will dominate: «People can use the park where they will get up and go swimming there. The mother will welcome the boats and also protect everyone. She is seen, with that height, quite strong, but she is a woman at the same time loving, ”he said.

«Munch has always been my favorite artist, a really fantastic painter. Spiritual, poetic and also handsome, very handsome. He also worked quite hard, ”he says. And he adds a curious detail: that he was one of the first Norwegians to have a telephone.


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