Multitudinous protest before the Argentine Congress says "no" to the 2019 budget

Multitudinous protest before the Argentine Congress says "no" to the 2019 budget

Thousands of people attended the Argentine Congress square today to reject the draft Budget for 2019, which will be debated on Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies, because, they denounced, "means more hunger and more poverty for the most vulnerable sectors."

"This government has to change the direction of its policies, we believe and we want them to take us into account because everything, the tariffs, poverty and hunger, we have been suffering in our own daily", he complained to Dina Dina, representative of the Popular Front Darío Santillán, one of the convening organizations.

For those present, this project of accounts, drawn up after the government's financial agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) -which involves lending to Argentina $ 57,000 million to stop the aggressive devaluation of the peso and counteract the deterioration of the macroeconomy-, It gives "immediate answers" to the most vulnerable and will mean "more adjustments".

Surrounded by posters of "Hunger no", "Down with the IMF budget!" and "Do not turn your back on hunger," Sanchez stressed that "hunger is now and the need is now."

"We can not wait for a 2019 that supposedly is going to fix everything because if now we are like this we do not know how we are going to get to 2019," he complained.

In this line, the protesters also asked that a food emergency law be approved in an "urgent" manner, since, they denounced, basic services have become a "luxury".

Juan Carlos Alderete, national coordinator of the National Classist and Combative Current (CCC), another of the conveners, stressed the need for a "policy change", since the current "brings a lot of suffering."

The policies of the Executive damage "not only those who do not have work or those who work in the popular economy, is destroying the national industry," he said.

On the occasion of this call, they also installed popular pots (free food delivery) and tents for those who want to spend the night in front of the Congress.

Also, it is expected that at the time of the session this Wednesday in the Lower House, that if the bill is approved, it will be forwarded to the Senate for its corresponding treatment, there will be an even more massive march than there was today.


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