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Mule: From Clint Eastwood you always expect more | Culture

Mule: From Clint Eastwood you always expect more | Culture

Frame of 'Mula'. In the video, Carlos Boyero gives his opinion about Clint Eastwood's latest film.

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Walt Kovalski was 78 years old, and he moved with some ease except with the resacones, which were frequent, since the beer and the shots I imagine served him to provisionally anaesthetize his old age and his loneliness. He was grumpy, sarcastic, racist, yearning for an extinct America, fiercely individualistic, an old combatant in a war he preferred not to talk about, at odds with children as vultures as vulgar, yearning for his late wife. It is also more things. He can not bear to be beaten and cornered by the weak, he detests the thugs, there is buried tenderness in him despite his misanthropy, he is capable of a heroic immolation that will allow his Asiatic and harassed neighbors to survive. He will even leave them his most precious inheritance, a car that he has pampered, of which he was proud. All this happens in the exciting Gran Torino It would have been a beautiful farewell, at the height of its legendary creator, a certain Clint Eastwood, diver of darkness in films as powerful as bitter, complex portrait of violence, specializing in people adrift.


Address: Clint Eastwood.

Interpreters: Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Taissa Farmiga, Andy Garcia, Michael Peña, Alison Eastwood.

Gender: drama. USA, 2019.

Duration: 116 minutes

But Eastwood legitimately continued making movies. With mediocre, regrettable or disastrous results (how was it 15:17. Train to Paris!) except Beyond life. And making us suffer those we had enjoyed so much with their exceptional cinema, with masterpieces like Bird, Unforgiven, The bridges of Madison, Mystic River, Midnight in the garden of good and evil, Million Dollar Baby, A perfect world or Letters from Iwo Jima.

And it seems that after Mule will not interpret again It is also doubtful that at age 88 the industry or his forces allow him to continue directing. We are talking about your will. He is kind, he lets himself be seen and heard, nothing more. Interestingly, the screenwriter is Nick Schenk, who also signed the Gran Torino He returns to talk about an old man in distress. But this one is not bitter, even if he pursues the sense of guilt for having neglected his family. This horticulturist in ruin is sociable, he enjoys people, even the pleasures of the flesh, like the sex of rent that his satisfied boss provides him. His placid appearance, his infinite years and the particularity of not having received a traffic ticket in all his existence offer an unusual and exemplary profile so that the Mexican drug cartels hire him to move the coca in his car along several states. It is very strange, but they say that it is inspired by a real story, like the old man who robbed banks in The Old Man & The Gun, played by Robert Redford.

There is some fun moment in the adventures of this late camel. And the relationship with his ex-wife and granddaughter has a certain charm. The problem is that Eastwood always expect much more. He keeps energy as an actor and in this case there is no threatening and violent side to his character. But it is clear that the cinema of this formidable creator will not be remembered for what he has done in the last ten years. In my case, I clarify.


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