“Muchísimas ganas” by Womad at the start of the festival in Santa Catalina Park

It is one of the most repeated phrases among those who fill the park of the capital of Gran Canaria from this afternoon. “I really wanted Womad”, confesses Telma Dacruz and his words speak for practically everyone around him.

This appointment has been linked to the identity of the city for almost three decades and is different from all the others because “it is multiculturalism and the opportunity to meet groups and learn about new music, by local and international artists “.

Possibly it is impossible to be more eager than Alfonso García, a real character in the city, famous for the glamor with which he reinterprets a garment like the hat every time the carnival arrives. This Thursday, Alfonso has put on one of them, shaped like a doll, ready to go to the Womad.

“People need this, it’s joy,” he argues, without forgetting the anguish caused by the months of confinement and pandemic.

The Womad, Antonia Recio points out, allows us to enjoy the music of the world and it is an incredible satisfaction that it has returned. “” The music of the world is wonderful and music always brings joy “, something that in these post-pandemic moments” does it lacks and adds “in a city that” is the capital of music, “he reasons.

Some canaries that sound in English, the band Basic Needs, lit the fuse for a historic afternoon, with the return of one of the most anticipated Womads. With an animated Anglo-Saxon rock that invited to move, the most impatient dispersed public gathered at the same point, the skirt of this Santa Catalina stage, where the first note put the rhythm to an afternoon and night full of international music.

At 7:00 pm the British ‘shake’ of Txetxu started, Juan Mayor, Arcadio and Shane, who landed with “Evolution” to reach cruising speed with a sample of their reissued “As it is”.

The first night Womad took off with rock and a Manchester sound that brought a festival-hungry crowd to the streets of London and south-east Ireland in the nineties.

Later, a 180 degree turn in the Santa Catalina park, which opened a new stage with the most mestizo background. It was the turn of the Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra and, with them, the unique sound of this band, which is made up of seven members from six countries, was installed in the center of the city.

An atmosphere of tradition klezmer, rom, Balkan, Mediterranean with residence in Barcelona put the people of Gran Canaria to dance with a fresh and innovative proposal.

The voice of the Sicilian Margherita Abita went from one language to another to remember that Womad is just that, multiculturalism in its purest form, which is felt and sounds from the microphone and bounces off an audience that responds to every impulse.


Presentation Womad 2021
The province

Barcelona Gipsy BalKan Orchestra brought to the capital of Gran Canaria the themes of his latest work “Nova era”, a close and delicate link between the past and the future, settled in the multiethnic group and simmered in a setting without borders.

From Romania to Macedonia, Russia and the Middle East, the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra trip mixed up to five languages ​​with clapping, dancing, a feminist cry and a song to freedom.

Acclaimed in her country, popular in Europe and with a powerful voice in the key of blues, the music of the Mauritanian artist Noura Mint Seymali put the most international ring to the first Womad night. Noura gravitated between the griot tradition and pop music, a dance with notes from the ardin harp, a modified electric guitar and a drums capable of weaving the group’s Arab and sub-Saharan roots with the more global musical context.

Surprising and with a voice capable of leaving Santa Catalina Park speechless, the ovation to Noura was unanimous.

The Womad took off in the hands of El Especialista Manel Ruiz, with an electronic session on vinyl, with a commitment to the island of La Palma and a dedicated audience, which extended the multicultural energy to midnight in a successful return.

The presenter of the Plaza de Canarias stage, Paco Sánchez, put words to the general feeling: “How nice to say it, welcome to the womad“.

On Friday it will be the turn of Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy from Ghana, Ami Yerewolo from Mali, Baikamara Jr & The Voodoo Sniffers from Sierra Leone, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino from Italy, Cimafunk from Cuba, Oumou Sangaré from Mali and France, Pauanne from Finland, and Laura Low, Said Muti, Woodhans, and Amparanoia from Spain.


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