MSC will deny access on ships to those who have visited China in the last month

The Italian-Swiss MSC cruise company will deny access to its ships to people who have traveled from China or visited the country in the last 30 days, as a precaution against the coronavirus, which has already killed 213 people.

MSC Cruises reported today in a statement that it has adopted new measures "precaution for the health and well-being of passengers on all ships in its fleet", which add to the various assumed since last January 24, and underlines that "there is no case of coronavirus on board" of their vessels.

In this way, all passengers must fill out a form to ensure that they have not traveled "from China or visited China in the last 30 days" and those who have done so will be prohibited from accessing.

There will be mandatory controls for customers and crew before boarding and "people who have symptoms such as fever or fever, cold or respiratory distress" may not get on board.

MSC is committed to maintaining "a high level of hygiene" in all its vessels and those passengers who suffer "fever symptoms will be isolated in the cabin and the same measures will be taken" with those who have been in contact with them, including people who may have been in the same cabin or that are part of your family.

The Italo-Swiss company said yesterday that it has canceled three small cruises that were scheduled to depart on February 14 from the Chinese city of Shanghai and will depart on February 13 from Singapore instead.


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