April 16, 2021

Ms Nurse to appeal to the courts the "occupation" of the School – The Province

Ms Nurse to appeal to the courts the "occupation" of the School - The Province

More Nursing, the only alternative candidacy in the electoral process of the College of Las Palmas, announced yesterday that not only will appeal to the courts of contentious-administrative exclusion from the call and designation by acclamation of the continuation plate as the new board of directors of the professional entity but will undertake "the legal actions that in law correspond in any jurisdictional order", including criminal, against the "actions that consolidate the illegal occupation of public office of the current government team".

In addition to the contentious-administrative appeal, whose deadline for submission expires on Thursday, the list led by Rita Mendoza will demand "compensation of a personal nature against the assets of the members of the CELP's governing board," as he warned from Más Enfermería post the inauguration on Monday of the directive, with Hortensia Calero to the front for the fourth consecutive term without any vote in any convocation due to absence or elimination of the alternative candidacies. We will also "exercise deontological disciplinary action against each and every one of the members of the governing board before the General Council of Official Associations of Nursing of Spain," the same sources concluded by means of a press release initiated with the expressions "scandal in the elections "and" very serious institutional crisis ".

Not in vain, since More Nursing considered "arbitrary and illegal" the exclusion of its list of the process, moreover, "by pure whim of the governing board since his was incomplete and statutorily should have been rejected", so the private corporation but of public law is placed in a "situation of institutional indignity". However, "we have to watch over the dignity of the nurses, the rights of the patients of Las Palmas, the deontological safety of the profession and forces us to continue fighting", they completed from the annulled plaque in reference to the next legal actions.

After eluding explanations about the electoral conflict since last week, CELP published yesterday on its website the taking of possession and information about the process and, although he offered his availability to interviews with the media, Hortensia Calero vetoed the questions of the journalist from THE PROVINCE / Diario de Las Palmas in charge of the matter since its inception. Despite citing "the report issued by the legal counsel on the fulfillment of formal requirements by the candidatures, which warned that it was not included in the collegiate files the titles of specialist of the candidates for vocals and alternates of the specialties of mental health and nursing work of the candidacy of Rita Mendoza ", the text did not argue the dismissal of the appeal.


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