Ms Nurse resorts to the electoral fraud of the College of Las Palmas – La Provincia

Ms Nurse resorts to the electoral fraud of the College of Las Palmas - La Provincia

"Electoral fraud that consists in altering the result of vote counting," the Spanish Royal Academy defines the word pucherazo in its second meaning, after the blow with a cauldron as the first and obvious option, although the trap denounced did not require ballot boxes or of suffrages, therefore, neither of computation. The collective More Nursing accused of "a full-fledged pucherazo" to the College of Las Palmas after the acting board, chaired during the last twelve years by Hortensia Calero, will be proclaimed on Wednesday as a new government meeting without waiting for the appeal presented this Thursday against the cancellation of the alternative list.

From the grid led by Rita Mendoza regretted "the contempt for the values ​​of the CELP and the antidemocratic behavior and lack of transparency of all the members of the newly self-proclaimed new junta". After highlighting that the "serious irregularities" prevent the exercise of their constitutional right to vote to the nursing professionals of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, the largest health collective with more than 7,000 members, the opposition candidature insisted on exhausting the administrative instance before to appeal to the courts.

In fact, Más Enfermería registered yesterday afternoon its appeal at the headquarters of the Official College of Nursing of Las Palmas. From the private corporation but public law eluded to pronounce, for the third consecutive day, on the electoral conflict.

Three days to appeal

Summoned the elections on January 15, as recalled the same opposition sources through a press release, More Nursing presented its candidacy on January 24 and, the next day, the governing board agreed to accept the list of Calero and reject the plate of Mendoza for "formal defects", although the notification of the reasons for the exclusion was not received until last Tuesday.

"Starting, according to the statutes, a period of three days to appeal," detailed from More Nursing in reference to a period of allegations that, in theory, expires this Friday (February 1) because, in practice, the old board has already proclaimed itself as new this Wednesday (January 30). In addition to Hortensia Soledad Tensi Calero Fabelo, the iron elected by acclamation it is composed of Diego González Castillo as vice president, María Ángeles Tadeo López as secretary and Daniel Ariza Lara as treasurer.

Also included as members Gabriela Daniela Stoica Stoica, Agustín Jesús Ojeda Bolaños, María Naira Hernández de Luis, José Luis Pousada Prieto (work nursing), Lucinda Esther Betancor García (matron), Alejandro Iván Hernández Sosa (mental health), Liliana Melián Fleitas (Lanzarote) and Josefa Dolores Gil Pérez (Fuerteventura). And as substitute members Guillermo Jesús Montesdeoca Herrera, Pedro Raúl Castellano Santana, Melba Estupiñán Guedes, Rubén Díez Pascua (nursing work), Josefina Magán Moreno (matron), Sonia María Hernández Sánchez (Mental Health), Álvaro Moisés Franco Pérez (Lanzarote) ) and Tomasa Lucía Gil Pérez (Fuerteventura).


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