June 21, 2021

Mrquez will take at least two more months to reappear – La Provincia

The reappearance of the Catalan driver Marc Márquez (Honda), which, in theory, was scheduled for the second week of September, in the Marco Simoncelli circuit, Misano (Italy), it has been postponed, at least, for two or three months, as it has just announced, in a brief official statement the Repsol Honda team, current holder of the Triple Crown, having achieved, last year, the three titles in game, the pilot thanks to the young man from Cervera (Lleida), the constructors, thanks to his numerous victories and podiums, and the team.

According to the information provided by the winged firm, “the champion, after studying and contrasting with different specialists the mayor of the fracture he suffered, on July 19, in the humerus of the right arm during the dispute of the Spanish Grand Prix, in Jerez, has decided to modify the planned recovery plan “.

Everything seems to indicate that neither Márquez nor the Repsol Honda team are in a hurry and that what they want is for the winner of six of the last seven MotoGP world titles to make a full recovery. “The goal, both for Márquez and the team”, continues explaining the statement of the Japanese brand, “is to return to competition when the arm is fully recovered, and it is estimated that it will take between two and three months before being able to get on, again, his RC213V. HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) does not mark a specific grand prize for the return of the current world champion and will continue to report on the evolution of his recovery. “

No rush

In the same statement, Alberto Puig, ‘team manager’ of the champion team, explains that “much has been said about Marc’s return and his deadlines, but we, from the first moment, after the second surgical intervention, have said that the The only timeframe that exists is when you are fully recovered from your injury. When Marc is able to go back and compete as he knows, then we will think about the next goal “.

The story of this unfortunate injury, which, now, means the resignation of Márquez to defend his world title, started in a fall when he was starring in one of the greatest comebacks in the history of motorcycling, from 16th place to third, just when I was going to beat Maverick Viñales (Yamaha) and placed second in the Spanish GP, he fell and, in the fall, the front wheel of his Honda hit his arm, fracturing his humerus and causing a severe bruise.

Two interventions in a row

Márquez was immediately operated on in Barcelona and the intervention, in principle, went so well that the Catalan rider showed up again in Jerez on Friday, to try to take part in the second stop on the calendar. MM93 hit the track in the third free trial and in the fourth, but he decided to retire in the first sieve of the timed session, after noticing that the arm did not respond as expected.

When everything seemed ready for me to return to Brno, a bad gesture when opening a window in his new house, in Cervera, caused the plate that had been placed on him in the first instance to give way, forcing him to go through the operating room again, the same Monday of Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. At first it was estimated that the recovery would lead him to miss the triplet in Brno and the Red Bull Ring, and that his comeback would take place in Misano.

However, the recovery of this second operation is slower than initially expected, so that the Cervera corridor (Lleida) It is still not clear when he will get back on the bike, something it will do when the bone is fully healed.


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