April 10, 2021

Mr. Potato stops being “Mr.”

Lots of Mr. Potato Head brand toys.

Lots of Mr. Potato Head brand toys.

Hasbro announced this Thursday that it will rename its popular brand “Mr. Potato Head”, leaving the “Mr.” to get an identity less gender focused.

The toy, which is 70 years old after its launch, can be decorated with numerous parts that are attached to a plastic potato. Hasbro will launch a “Create Your Potato Head Family” pack this fall, which they defined as “a celebration of the many faces a family can have.”

The image on the box shows a figure with a mustache and a pink nose, a color commonly associated with women.

Toy companies have begun to change their classic brands to reflect public views and respect the diversity of American culture.

Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head will continue to be sold, but the brand will lose the “Mr.”.

“It is a movement very smart from Hasbro, “said Allen Adamson, co-founder of branding firm Metaforce.” I think this change shows that Hasbro doesn’t keep focusing on its old brands and trying to do the same every year, but really understands that brands need to reinvent themselves, reimagine and stay fresh. ”

Hasbro’s rival Mattel has introduced new lines of dolls with multiple skin tones, body shapes and professions for its Barbie, trying to move away from the brand’s classic blonde image, and American Girl launched a male version of its dolls four years ago. years.


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