May 16, 2021

Mr. Chinarro, in the deadly trap of his irony

Mr. Chinarro, in the deadly trap of his irony

Antonio Luque also succumbed to the wave of anniversaries celebrated by other protagonists of the independent scene such as Los Planetas, Love Of Lesbian, Lori Meyers and even Vetusta Morla. The first ones, like Mr. Chinarro, celebrated 25 years in music, the last one or two decades of their first releases. "As everyone was celebrating, I thought why not. I thought it was a good idea for people to have the songs in a row, "explains Luque of" Permanent Collection "(Mushroom Pillow), the album that brings together jewels such as" Los ángeles "," Del Montón "," El rayo verde "and" Una llamada to action ", among others, themes that surely sound next week in his presentation at the Inverfest festival in Madrid.

One of the best

However, they are not all that they are. "Do not. '' Babieca '', which is a song I like a lot of mine, lasts six minutes and complicates putting it into a compilation because the order of the songs adapts to the length of the faces of the vinyl », explains Luque, who by repertoire he could have done two volumes. After more than two decades of live shows, he knows well which songs work and which do not. "I also know when a subject does not like, like '' Vacations in the sea '', that has that environmentalist roll that there is to whom it puts of bad roll», confesses. Well, it is not exactly an instructive song, but poetizes the immense plastic island that floats in the Pacific, just after the Fundéu has chosen "microplástico" as the word of the year. «That is causing cancers already. But people do not like to be reminded or given lessons. Everyone knows everything. The song is ironic and the fact that everyone knows everything, I have also said it ironically. I can not escape my irony, it's a death trap. "

Doing the compilation, looking at the list of songs that deserve to enter, you can look at everything in perspective. Is Luque proud of Mr. Chinarro's songs? "Yes. I am clear that I am one of the best in Spain ». Another irony, of course. "No no. In this no. People like Jorge Martínez de Ilegales have told me, and I have been there since I was a child. It was the first concert I went to. And he did that flattery in person (imitates his voice): "Bastard. You have a few very good songs ». And I'm satisfied with that. Santiago Auserón also made me a reverence, which is true that it was not very big but it also works for me, because I was a fan of Radio Futura to die. So I think it's not that I got into fashion in the 90s for a while, but that I made 200 songs and some of them are good. Man, if all were worth a statue in a park. By the way, the "Permanent Collection" is a very museum title that … is it another irony? "Exact. Because I have gray hair and some may think that I am to retire or to be seen in a showcase. And this is a way of saying that I do not release a compilation because nothing is finished, but I'm already thinking about how the next project is going to be ».

At this time, Luque has developed some small phobia: "Yes. For example, '' Congratulations to the four '' is a record that gives me some bad luck. For being the 13th album in year 13 and it's like I prefer not to remember it. I have put some songs in the compilation because they are good, but notice that when we play them live, we do not even get as good as the others. With that album I had a bad feeling, like we should have rehearsed more or given us more time with him ».

There are, on the other hand, songs from "El progreso" (which is still under license from El Segell) or from "Caballero Perspective", whose master is owned by Luque, "but we prefer to avoid bureaucracy. Total, there is also no hit on that record … ». The musician no longer feels the pressure to get the massive song. "Of mine, only '' A call to action '' has more than a million listeners, and that's because it always comes out in the Spotify playlists. I do not know how they work, nor who chooses the songs, but you appear in a list of those and the subject goes up a lot. Although now that I think about it, it could be because Spotify has put the '' explicit '' sign on it … "he says with surprise. On that subject he uses the word nipple. "That's exactly why they've put the black label on him!"

The letters of reggaeton

Another thing is reggaeton. «It's garbage. The syncopated rhythm always the same, always the same, it seems like a complete shit. Do not you get another rhythm? Do not they have another? Do not know how to program the box of rhythms that were purchased by Wallapop? Did not he have an instruction book? "He asks. «And then that roll of the letters … Let's see, kids, that everyone here fucks. And to try the drug, you do not have to be so bad either. They are there for whoever wants, right? Well, that has another message and I missed it, but what I have heard seems ridiculous. It's like Vox. People get bored and look for something. Nietzsche already said, that by having conversation, the staff is able to sell to his mother, "he jokes. On the rise of the extreme right, think that "people are pissed. And before they voted for Podemos but they have gone out of style. Politics is something television and you need a character that gives game. It's like in '' Big Brother ''. There, the one who goes unnoticed may reach the final, but never wins. Well, the world is made for '' trolls ''. The bad thing is that they get to everyone's money box. It scares me but not so much for me, but for my son. After all, I live near France to run if necessary and I would also be welcomed in Mexico, but he … You never have to trust this country, because we Spaniards have an enormous talent for cruelty, we are already famous for the Tercios de Flandes, but if you trust you, it happens to you like Lorca. What do children do when they get bored? Well, now they play with the cell phone, but before, in the backseat of a car, it was normal to get involved with sticks. Well, in Spain and in Europe we are the same. When the devil gets bored, he kills flies with his tail, "he says. Chinarro looks at his land from a distance, because he lives in Cornellá (Barcelona). "I did not vote in those elections, but I do not know what I would vote for here either. I think I'll take refuge in a cellar where they have good cava and I'll let the storm pass. "


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