Mozilla's proposal to avoid spam - La Provincia

A new service ofMozillaoffers an 'alias' email so that when the user registers for a new service, they can protect their privacy in the face of actions such as 'spam', since they avoid giving their personal email address.

The service, available as a web extension forFirefox, is called 'Firefox Private Relay', and camouflages the user's email under an 'email' that acts as an alias.

In this way, every time the user has to fill out an 'online' form, sign up for a new 'news letter' or try a new service, they can avoid delivering their personal email. However, as Mozilla explains in theWebof the product, the emails that reach the alias will be sent to you.

When the user is required to enter a 'e-mail', just click on the' Relay 'button to give an alias. Each new record generates a unique alias. The technology company points out that in case the user begins to receive emails that they do not want in a certain alias, they can delete it or disable it completely.

'Firefox Private Relay' is currently a web extension, but it is in closed beta phase, so it requires an invitation to try it out. AccordingZDNet, at the end of the year the public beta will open.


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