Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Movistar will raise the price and gigabytes of its Fusion packages on March 5




Fvistar (fixed, mobile, internet and television) service packages from Movistar will increase their price – between 3 and 6 euros – and their capacity as gigabytes from next March 5, they have informed Efe sources of Telefonica.

Fusion 0, its most basic package, will raise its monthly price 3 euros, from 57 to 60, with an addition of 3 GB on the main mobile line (from 2 to 5) and 4.8 on the additional one, which It goes from having 200 MB to also have 5 GB per month.

It will also be 3 euros more expensive Base Fusion, which from March 5 will remain at 75 euros, with a line of 15 GB and another 5 GB.

Fusion Selection, Plus, Total and Total Plus rates will have increases of 4 euros, to 99, 109, 144 and 169 euros, respectively.


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