August 1, 2021

Movistar takes advantage of its rivals thanks to football rights | Economy

Movistar takes advantage of its rivals thanks to football rights | Economy

In August, Movistar added 91,645 mobile telephony lines (with 15.96 million customers) and 35,768 fixed broadband (up to 5.98 million), according to figures published on Tuesday by the CNMC. For the teleoperator it was an important month: the litmus test of his strong commitment to take over the rights of football to include in his television packages the Champions League and the Partidazo.

And in August, the strategy paid off: the increase in broadband customers (35,768 more in a month) is the highest that it has achieved since these records of the CNMC started in 2014 and that of mobile lines (91,645 more), the highest since November 2017.

On the other side is Vodafone, which decided not to get emission rights. And in August it was expensive in terms of customers: it lost 96,960 mobile phone subscribers (it stands at 12.78 million) and 34,592 fixed broadband (it has 3.24 million).

In the midst of the winner and the loser, Orange remains: he repurchased the rights to the Champions League and the Partidazo from Telefónica and in August he won 2,372 fixed broadband lines, but lost 10,897 mobile subscriber lines.

The fourth largest operator, MásMóvil has never entered the battle of rights. And it grew, but its progress suffered: in August it added 15,982 mobile lines (the previous months totaled 100,000) and 24,760 fixed broadband, the lowest growth of the year.


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