Movistar releases 'Supermán' López to return to the Astana team

Miguel Ángel López.

Miguel Ángel López.

Movistar and Miguel Angel Superman Lopez have decided to separate their paths, trying to stop the deterioration suffered by both the team's image and the cyclist himself after Lopez suddenly abandon and without any explanation the return in its penultimate stage, just when he was defending the podium, which he shared at that time with his partner Enric Mas and the powerful leader and final winner of the Spanish round, the Slovenian Primoz Roglic.

No matter how well Telephone and Superman try to sell this rupture, the truth is that from the highest levels of the Spanish company, with interests in Colombia and throughout South America, the truth is that the order that has reached Eusebio Unzué, head of the team, is that they do not want the athlete to continue wearing the jersey of Movistar.

The Gazzetta dello Sport He already valued this Wednesday the possibility of López returning to the Astana, a Kazakh team where the Colombian already played from 2015 to 2020, when he made the leap to Movistar, with which he starred in one of the saddest, inopportune and inexplicable abandonments of the last decade. It was of no use to Superman Lopez ask for forgiveness immediately. "I can only apologize to the fans, my teammates and our sponsor for how everything has gone," said López and disappeared.


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