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Movistar + redoubled its commitment to the production of nonfiction | Television

Stories of real spies. Rome through his women. The crime of Almonte. The mysteries of the pharaohs. The horror of El Palmar de Troya. Life after the end of ETA. Stories that want to surprise, excite and impact and that show that reality sometimes surpasses fiction.

Movistar + has presented its renewed commitment to the original non-fiction production with six projects that will reach between the rest of 2019 and 2020 and that have been working for years. María José Rodríguez, manager of Contents of # 0 and own Production, highlighted the "ambitious, relevant and committed" of the project. This is a bet that has been allocated about 6 million euros, 20% of the 30 million euros that has as budget all the entertainment production of Movistar, according to company sources. All the original production of the platform has a budget of 100 million euros, which includes the great commitment to fiction, to which 70 million euros are allocated annually.

A moment of the presentation of the new Movistar + productions.

A moment of the presentation of the new Movistar + productions.

Low listen. The accused It will be the first of these productions that will be released, on Thursday 17 at 22.00 in # 0. In 2013, Miguel Ángel Domínguez and his daughter María, 8 years old, were murdered at his home in Almonte (Huelva). Six years later, his crime remains unsolved. The two episodes of this series directed by Isaki Lacuesta and produced by Ramón Campos and David Miralles go into the police investigation and the judicial process against the only defendant, Francisco Javier Medina, murdered woman lover and that, after being jailed, he was acquitted. His interview for this series are one of the attractions of a production that, in Lacuesta's words, intends to combine the cinematographic and journalistic world without entering the opinion, "they are only people telling their own facts".

At the end of October the turn of ETA, the end of silence, composed of six episodes and a documentary film, Zubiak, that premiered at the recent San Sebastian Festival and that includes a conversation between Maixabel Lasa, widow of the Basque politician Juan María Jáuregui, and one of his murderers. Jon Sistiaga and Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas are responsible for this production that will delve into the political and social change that has taken place in the half century of ETA's existence. The series will give voice to the "invisible victims" of the terrorist band, "the blackmailed ones, who had to decide if they paid the revolutionary tax," as Sistiaga explained. It will also investigate what the new generations know about ETA or the history of those who persecuted the terrorists.

In December it will arrive Other Worlds: Pharaohs, new season of the writer Javier Sierra program focused on the great enigmas of history that will dedicate two specials to the Egyptian world. In addition, he is already preparing another installment that will continue the already premiered first season and his trip to Sierra's childhood to deepen the mysteries that troubled him as a child.

By 2020 there will be three other productions. The four episodes of The Palmar de Troya They will enter the sect "that many specialists consider the most dangerous and harmful in the country," said Israel del Santo, responsible for this production. Unpublished archive images, fictional recreations and testimonies of the Ginés expapa, his wife and other protagonists and affected by this congregation that is still active.

Ginés Hernández, expapa of El Palmar de Troya, in an image of the documentary series.

Ginés Hernández, expapa of El Palmar de Troya, in an image of the documentary series.

David Beriain is responsible for Spies, a production that aspires to have four episodes (although it is still in development) and will focus on undercover operations, real spies and deserters, telling escapes, secrets, lies and betrayals that are the day of these agents in a project that the reporter describes as the most difficult he has faced so far. "It will not be about stories that have already happened, but about actions that are happening before our cameras."

Finally, Santiago Posteguillo, Prize Planeta 2018, is responsible for The heart of the empire, six-episode historical documentary series that will focus on women who, in most cases, from the shadow, decided the future of Rome and fought for the maintenance of the Empire. For this, the production will roll in the Cinecittà studios in Rome, in addition to Bulgaria, Poland, Greece and Madrid with the aim of "telling the story in a faithful, spectacular and, above all, as entertaining as possible", in the words of Posteguillo

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