Movistar launches a free network antivirus for Fusion customers | Economy

Movistar launches a free network antivirus for Fusion customers | Economy

Telefónica today announced the launch of a free network antivirus service that will protect Internet connections through both fixed broadband and mobile communications. All customers of Movistar Fusion packages can access this service called Secure Connection to protect all connected devices in the home, both cable and wifi, as well as mobile lines associated with your contract when they browse the Movistar network of the user. To enjoy this service you just have to activate it.

Secure Connection instantly blocks, preemptively, the threats of malware and fraud that may be found when browsing and informs the user at the time, who may decide to continue browsing or maintain the blockade.

Up to five devices

The service also includes the protection of up to five devices for when browsing other networks (for example, public Wi-Fi). To manage this protection it will be necessary to have installed the Security Device application, included at no cost in the Secure Connection service. "In this way, Telefónica becomes the first operator in the world to offer a service of these characteristics, which combines protection in the fixed and mobile network," said Agustín Navarro, marketing director of Telefónica Spain.

Secure Connection has been developed internally between the teams of ElevenPaths (Telefónica's cybersecurity area) and Telefónica Spain, together with market leaders such as McAfee and Allot.

In addition, Telefónica announced the launch of three other services. With Smart WiFi you can manage the home network from outside the home; Movistar Cloud offers an unlimited capacity in the content storage service in the cloud, and Movistar Junior provides a safe environment for children with a child application of content available in Movistar +. All these services will be free for Fusion customers.


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