August 15, 2020

Movie theater box office collapses, marking historic crash for coronavirus

Under the alarm of the coronavirus and with movie theaters closed in many of the key countries for the international market, this weekend the entertainment industry registered a 60% drop in its box office receipts, the largest since they have records.

With this collapse, of 60.2% compared to the previous week, theaters in the US They raised $ 50 million, the lowest amount since 1994, without counting inflation and without knowing exactly the data from the rest of the international market, since more than 50 countries have restricted attendance to the projections.

In the US, the market where the industry collects the most, the rooms still remain open although the authorities have already imposed their closure in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles due to COVID-19, a disease considered to be a pandemic with more of 165,000 infected and about 6,000 deaths worldwide.

For this reason, and due to the intention of citizens to avoid contagion, the box office in the US It barely exceeded $ 50 million this weekend, when the previous week that mark was 90 million, despite the fact that news about the coronavirus was increasingly insistent.

A month earlier, when the focus of COVID-19 remained in China, the film industry had a gross of 163 million, in the US alone, according to figures from Box Office Mojo.

At the moment, the data for the rest of the international market is unknown, where cinemas remain closed in key places such as Japan, Italy, South Korea, Spain and France. Although the sum of the collection of the five most viewed movies this weekend would be close to 30 million, worldwide.

The tape most affected by the coronavirus is, at the moment, “Onward”, the new Pixar.

This new adventure, from the animation factory responsible for “Toy Story” and “Cars”, premiered internationally last week, just days before COVID-19 multiplied its presence in Europe and the US.

The collection of the film fell 73% in its second week in theaters, with 10.5 million dollars in the USA. and another 6.8 in the rest of the world, the second most important drop in Pixar’s history.

For its part, the only major premiere this weekend of global quarantine was “Bloodshot”, starring Vin Diesel.

The risky bet led the international market with 13 million, thanks to its success in still active markets such as Russia, Mexico and Indonesia.

In U.S.A. this tape added 9.3 million and was in third place, very close to “I Still Believe” and its 9.5 million.

Finally, the thriller film starring Elisabeth Moss fell 60% from the previous week and grossed about $ 5.8 million in the US. and 6.2 in the rest of the world.

In fifth place and with 5.3 million was “The Hunt”, a film that has already postponed its premiere from September 2019 to March 2020 for its violent content in the middle of a season in which the US she was hit by mass shootings.

The box office slump is expected to continue its course as more countries join the capacity restrictions and “social distancing” measures to curb COVID-19 infections.

In addition, already quarantined countries such as Spain and Italy have announced that they are expected to extend their prevention strategies beyond the 15 days initially planned.


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