August 3, 2020

Mourinho, the favorite in bets to replace Solari in Madrid

White restructuring starts on the bench. Solari has the hours counted and it is a question of time that he leaves the bench. June is the deadline, but it could be before without problems. The bets are now on finding the substitute. According to the Betfair betting box, his arrival in the capital as coach of Real Madrid hardly gives any returns. The bookmaker ensures that Mauricio Pochettino and Joachim Löw are the next favorites to be chosen. And behind them, Conte and Allegri followed by Wenger.

The first Spaniard he trusts is Raúl, who now runs the youth that left Álvaro Benito. The Belgium coach, Roberto Martínez, accompanies him ahead of Guti.

Other questions asked by the betting houses is whether Solari will arrive at the match in Valladolid. "We have seen how there has been a noticeable increase in the bets for the goodbye of the Argentine before even the weekend comes, either by a resignation or a dismissal from the club, "they say from the betting house.


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