May 16, 2021

Mourinho, possible return to Real Madrid?

Mourinho, possible return to Real Madrid?

Once José Mourinho was definitively disengaged from Manchester United on December 18, many sports newspapers speculated on the future of the Portuguese coach, who has complete freedom to be able to sign for any other club.

In recent days it had been rumored that the experienced coach could continue his next project at Benfica luso, but it was Mourinho himself who denied the information, assuring that his short-term future does not involve training a team from his country. "I think I can say that today I have no intention of working in Portugal," said the coach.

However, regarding the possibility of returning to Real Madrid or Inter Milan, the former United did not cut a hair in statements to Correio da Manhã TV (CMTV), stating that «It would be a tremendous honor » Go back to a club where you have already been.

"When a coach or player comes back, it means he did something positive", Mourinho explained, assuring that he will not talk about this issue with anyone else. "I'm not training, I love that they do not talk about me and the best way to not talk about me is not to talk about me either," said the Portuguese.


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