Motorola renews the G7, the mobile middle class with pretensions | Technology

Motorola renews the G7, the mobile middle class with pretensions | Technology

For the second year, Motorola, the manufacturer of the first mobile phones more than 30 years ago, opts for São Paulo (Brazil) to launch its G range, the most successful and balanced. Last year it was the turn of the G6. This time it is the G7, a model that has been presented with four options and with prices ranging between 149 and 299 euros.

G7 Plus.
G7 Plus.

The star of this launch is the G7 Plus, a terminal that the brand has left to test EL PAíS for a few hours to collect a first impressions. It is a sober design model, with a 6.2-inch screen reinforced with Gorilla Glass, to avoid disappointment, a 3,000-mAh battery and a new generation rear camera, 16 megapixels with focal aperture of 1.7, plus of optical stabilizer, an additional value that is not usually seen in this segment. It comes in two colors, a bright red and indigo blue, more discreet. It will cost 299 euros. Includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, four gigs of RAM and 64 storage, which can be extended with MicroSD card.

The normal Moto G7 does not have the high-speed charger, although it does have a fast one. It costs 50 euros less and also sacrifices the optical stabilizer, but it powers the processor and the megapixels of the main camera, which goes from 16 to 12. In this case, the colors are the traditional black and white ceramic.

Both models can be reserved on-line from the moment of its announcement, but will not reach physical stores, both in Spain and Latin America, for two weeks.

Two younger brothers

In the case of the most modest Play and Power, we will have to wait until March. Both do without the double rear camera. The Play will cost 149 euros, with a smaller screen, 5.2 inches. While the Power will have a battery of 5,000 MAh, which provides a range of 60 hours.

The great strength in the whole range is in the way in which the operating system has been integrated. They come with Android 9 or Android Foot from the factory. Instead of opting to put their own custom layer of Android, Motorola takes a step back and gives all the prominence to a pure Android experience, closer to the Pixel, the mobile Google uses as a pattern, and just a few gestures added, to mode of shortcuts, to turn on the flashlight or get a selfie quickly.

The choice of place is not the result of chance. Brazil is the country with the most market share, with more than 20%. A figure that extends to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Central America, where they compete directly with Samsung's J and A series, as well as with the cut-out versions of Huawei's P and Mate. It is precisely, in these markets, where the share of Apple is barely residual, given its price and limited commercial chain, almost always in the hands of operators.

Motorola revives after years of intense changes. The firm maintains its mythical building in Chicago, where it was born 90 years ago, in the heat of the deployment of telephone cable and the awakening of telecommunications. They were pioneers with the mobile and they suffered to join the era of smartphones. In 2011 it passed into the hands of Google, for 12,500 million dollars. After changing its organization and methods of work, it passed into the hands of Lenovo in 2014, for just 3,000 million. The Chinese giant that had already bought the division of personal computers from IBM, with the mythical ThinkPad as a commercial claim. Lenovo opted first to blur the brand and leave it as just Moto.

After the first results, they relaunched Motorola as such and take off the flight centered on three families: Moto E, whose terminals do not reach 200 euros and focus on users from emerging countries with limited purchasing power. Moto G, the most extensive and successful. And Moto Z, modulable, along with some intermittences such as Moto X or Motorola One.

Motorola renews the G7, the mobile middle class with pretensions

In all cases with Android as the main value. While most manufacturers can take between eight and 10 months to update to the latest version of the operating system, Motorola is usually among the first given its close relationship with the search engine, only behind HTC, invested by Google.

Just three weeks before the Mobile World Congress they warm up the atmosphere with a declaration of intent. They know that the mid-range does not have the glamor that the great Barcelona event demands, but also that this niche is one of its great strengths. The question remains as to whether they will present the new RAZR, a shell-type mobile, with hinge, of the most successful in the first generation of personal mobile telephony, or if they will show the Z range, aimed at a more select public, with modules that they allow to customize the technical characteristics, as if they were Lego blocks.


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