June 23, 2021

Motorcycles account for one out of every four work accidents despite accounting for only 4% of transfers to work | Economy

Motorcycles account for one out of every four work accidents despite accounting for only 4% of transfers to work | Economy

Work accidents on the road -Either going to or coming from work or during the day- go back. At the same time as the employment figures improve, the number of claims also increases. Between 2008 and 2013, in the hardest part of the crisis, the trend was the opposite: road accidents at work fell by 35%. But since then there is more and more employment, and therefore more accidents, until reaching last year 69,938, a figure that is a record since 2009, and an increase of 28% in the last six years. These data come from the First Road Safety Report in Spain carried out with the Real Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) in collaboration with GAD3.

In this black focus of the accident, the bikes stand out from the rest of the vehicles. On transfers in itinere – that is, on the way out or on the way back from work – almost one out of every four accidents (23%) was carried out by a motorcycle driver, when these only represent 4% of the total trips to the office or factory. "The probability of suffering a motorcycle accident is much higher than that of other vehicles. In fact, they produce six times more than would correspond statistically to their use, "says the report.

The Directorate General of Traffic has already warned on previous occasions that, together with the vans, the collective that this body qualifies as "vulnerable" – that is, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – is the great black point of road safety in Spain. The RACE study also points out the disproportion of truck and van accidents when going to and from work -then they only account for 2% of accidents- and when they are in full working hours -then their percentage in the total claims reaches fifteen%-. It is in these moments when the hurry comes into action that, according to unions like UGT, they trigger dangerousness.

The inverse relationship occurs between those who are going to work on public transport: despite constituting 13% of all journeys, only 1% of accidents occur. Car drivers, however, have a more balanced relationship with safety: they represent 55% of the total and their accidents are 54%.

The study divides road work accidents into two large groups: in itinere and those that occur during the workday. And both groups grow more or less in the same proportion Those that occur on the way out and return from work are around 74% and those classified as "on mission" would be the remaining 26%. If the focus is broadened and all work accidents are analyzed – and not only those produced on the roads – the upward trend is also visible: for the first time since 2011, the 600,000 barrier has been overcome.

The report of the RACE It also analyzes the economic effects of work-related accidents at the wheel. And they conclude that these cost the Spanish economy each year about 2,000 million euros. Of this amount, around 100 million are a direct burden for Social Security.


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