April 21, 2021

MotoGP: Márquez: "The wheels of my motorcycles were taken from me so they would not roll" | sports

MotoGP: Márquez: "The wheels of my motorcycles were taken from me so they would not roll" | sports

Marc Márquez recovers with his physiotherapist.

Every morning, the same ride. Leaving home, still the house of his parents, that his is under construction; go down the street, one turn to the right, another to the left and, to the ship. A huge space, in Cervera, his town, where he has a magnificent workshop and space to prepare his training bikes; on the top floor: a gym that does not lack detail. Every day, the same routine. Two and a half hours of work in the morning; another two and a half hours in the afternoon. Marc Márquez, who was operated on December 6 of a chronic injury in the left shoulder, that dislocated on numerous occasions during the season, even in full celebration by his fifth MotoGP title, there has been no rest since then.

He has not had vacations. He began to work on his recovery on December 11 and until today, only a break has been allowed on December 24 and 25, at the end of the year and in the new year. "When I woke up, it hurt. This physiotherapy work is difficult. And in the mornings I'm still very sleepy. The last weeks are when it has hurt me the most. Everything is already in place, "explains Márquez. He adds: "The hardest thing has been the psychological aspect, I've been like this since December," he conceded, just before heading to Malaysia, where on Wednesday he will climb back into his Honda for the first time since that last private test that Honda held in Jerez in November.

To the Catalan pilot, impatient, pure nerve, it has cost him to swallow this "boring" winter, as he described it on the day of the presentation of the Repsol Honda team in Madrid. "Some days he is very patient, especially at the beginning, in the first phase of recovery. Then, little by little, he became more anxious. 'I no longer have my arm in a sling, I can do it,' he told me. And I had to stop him: 'No, you can not. Do not move your shoulder. If it had been for him, on January 7 he would have climbed onto the bike. He only wants a motorcycle, "explains his physiotherapist, Carlos García, who has not separated from him for months.

The solution found by the pilot environment was easy. Like a child who is punished without toys, Marquez was left without motorcycles. "They took my motorcycle wheels!" We had the order to dismantle all the bikes. When he arrived at the gym, he would get on one of the bikes, put himself in position, and begin to imitate the sound of the engine as if he were on a circuit, "Garcia confessed, to the disapproval of the Spanish runner. "Do not explain that. They are going to say: 'This guy is crazy!'

When the team of doctors of the Catalan Institute of Traumatology and Sports Medicine (ICATME) led by Dr. Xavier Mir intervened surgically Marquez noted that the area was worse than expected. The recovery has also advanced more slowly than the athlete expected. Even so, his physio is convinced that that shoulder is better than it was during all 2018. "We are working on giving stability to the whole area, his body still has to be able to react without him being aware of the shoulder" explains Carlos García. And Tercia Márquez. "Until I get into the MotoGP I will not know in what form I am. And I am aware that I will have to prioritize quality over quantity; I will not be able to go around a lot, otherwise I will end up with tendinitis. "

He wants to be prudent. He, who always liked to give as many laps to the track as possible, to try pieces and more pieces, to compare, to finish the day at the top of the timesheets. But these first official tests in Sepang (Malaysia, from February 6 to 8) will have to be different, however well you know that it is crucial to choose well with which engine evolution you are staying or what type of chassis you prefer for the 2019 season. "We will all leave Malaysia with zero points," he reassures. Your goal is to be ready for the first race: March 10 in Qatar.

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