March 8, 2021

MotoGP, Márquez and Rins sign the peace after their warming in Brno

They say that after the storm there is always calm and that has happened this weekend when it comes to the relationship between Rins and Márquez. On Saturday they were seriously stung in Q2 and the tension on the track was later transferred to the press room, especially in the case of the Suzuki pilot. Alex accused Marc of not having enough respect for the rivals and even made an ugly comment about the eye injury that 93 had when competing in Moto2.

In the race they did not meet, but before and after, and as both confirmed there was a handshake and a friendly talk. "We have spoken face-to-face like normal people. What I commented about their vision problems is a mistake that anyone can make when hot. I already apologized for it. We get along very well and everything has been fixed ", Rins confessed after his fourth place in Brno.

Marquez also confirmed that everything was past water and was very elegant before the press. "We are young boys who spend a lot of time in front of microphones and it is normal that there are moments of heat like this"Marc closed. Subject fixed and to continue competing in Austria in seven days.

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