January 17, 2021

MotoGP: Marc Márquez: "I understand the morbidity generated by having Lorenzo and me in the same team" | sports

MotoGP: Marc Márquez: "I understand the morbidity generated by having Lorenzo and me in the same team" | sports

The MotoGP World starts on Sunday with the Qatar Grand Prix (at 18.00, Spanish time in DAZN; Maverick Viñales will start from the pole position), the first in which the world champion, Marc Márquez, and Jorge Lorenzo will share box as teammates of the Repsol Honda team. Just before the first race of this competed 2019 both have answered an identical questionnaire.

Question. How cold has this winter been?

Answer. It has not been an easy winter, it has been a boring winter, I could not do motocross neither flat track, nothing of off-road, which is one of my passions, are also disciplines with which I prepare the preseason. But this year I had to sacrifice it and recover well, it was very important to arrive in the best conditions at the first Qatar GP. They have been long days in Cervera, with double session of physio and also gymnasium. Having my brother, my family, my friends, my people in Cervera has helped me to distract myself a bit since we only stop for Christmas and New Year's Eve. The other days, without rest.

P. Do you know how many scars you have on your body?

R. After the shoulder operation this winter I have 5 scars on the body.

P. What does a pilot do when he can not ride a motorcycle?

R. Well look at it from afar with long teeth! In December and January I went to see some careers motocross of my brother, he could not stand, he knew he could not touch the bike, but at least he enjoyed being on a circuit.

P. He said he would not physically reach 100% at the start of the championship, how long can you throw away this excuse?

R. There is no excuse anymore, in the Qatar test we have improved a lot compared to Malaysia. This preseason has been much talked about my shoulder and it is a subject that I want to settle, I am almost one hundred percent and in this first grand prize will not be any limitation.

P. Is this Honda a bit less stubborn, will it help them in something to rejoin the competition?

R. With the bike I feel good, of course we have to work to keep improving and not be left behind, but I feel happy.

P. In what aspect we will see more improve the bike this year?

R. You have to see how the season evolves because normally the bike with which you start the year is not too similar to the bike you finish it with, but now I feel satisfied, we started with a pretty good compromise to fight from the first race for the victory, but you have to keep working on the front end.

P. What is a dream team?

R. I do not like to talk about dream team. Being on this team requires fighting for victories and the championship, so to say dream team You have to see the results at the end of the year.

I do not like to talk about dream team. This team demands to fight for victories and the championship, so to say dream team we have to wait until the end of the year

P. Does Honda have the most muscle equipment of recent years?

R. This is discussed more from the outside, be the morbid that generates in the same team are Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Márquez. Jorge is a great driver, five times world champion, so I understand.

P. Can two cocks live peacefully in the same pen?

R. Of course, we have to have this rivalry because we both want to win, but the rivalry has to stay on track. Outside of it we both have to evolve the bike and improve it to increase the speed on the track and be strong as a team.

P. What virtue or quality would you borrow from your teammate?

R. Probably, his work and that he is a pilot who always tries to overcome himself and never gives up.

P. What envy of that very fast Ducati that we have seen in preseason?

R. In the last test they have been a bit far, but it is a bit misleading. Surely they had hidden things and in Qatar they will be among the favorites. The Ducati is one of the best bikes on the grid.

P. Has Yamaha returned, will they Viñales and Rossi rivals this time?

R. Surely the Yamaha will be rivals, but as they will be the Ducati, Jorge and Rins will also be very strong. We will see how each motorcycle evolves, but there are 6 or 7 favorite pilots and between them Viñales and Rossi will be.

P. What are your expectations for this 2019?

R. I set goals. And my goal is to try to fight for the championship just like every season, then the year is very long, many things can happen.

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