MotoGP 2019: Lorenzo: "With the Honda I feel more confident when entering the corners" | sports

MotoGP 2019: Lorenzo: "With the Honda I feel more confident when entering the corners" | sports

On November 20, Jorge Lorenzo got on the Honda for the first time. The championship was just over when the first tests to prepare for 2019 were held in Valencia. And the Mallorcan pilot, brand new signing of the Japanese house for two seasons, was testing his new bike. As soon as he got off the machine, a few turns later, the three-time MotoGP champion smiled. For the times, still quite slow, they could not notice their sensations. Neither by his words, because, as he was still formally a Ducati pilot, he did not want to say anything about that first day of testing.

Today, just beginning in 2019, we know that he liked what he saw in the garage of the Repsol Honda team and what he experienced on the Cheste track. "In those moments, you can not cheat, your face speaks for itself. It's all very exciting, very new and you enjoy it a lot. And also, if the sensations are good, you can still perceive more in your expression, "he explains in an interview sent by his new team, whose official presentation will be on January 23 in Madrid.

Lorenzo had spent two difficult seasons in the Ducati team. He arrived with great enthusiasm and all the expectation. But the victories took a year and a half to arrive. When he won, in addition, he had exhausted the patience of the leader of the house, Claudio Domenicali, who did not want to renew the contract. Since it became known that he would become Marc Márquez's new partner, the question was recurrent: will he adapt to the Honda? Will it cost you as much or more than with the Ducati? The Desmosedici was a big, powerful motorcycle, very stable, but also very stubborn, which was difficult to enter the corners and exploit the best of his riding. In the Honda he noticed a different machine that he believes can help him to be competitive sooner.

"I came from a completely different bike, a very big and very tall bike – maybe a tad too big for my height -. The Honda, in terms of dimensions, suits me better. It is a more compact, smaller and lower bike, with which I get better to the ground. I felt a little more confident when entering the corners, because the closer you are to the ground, the more confidence you have. The first impression was positive and I saw a lot of potential, "explains the Spanish driver.

Lorenzo also says that he was impressed by the Japanese team's ability to react, which gave him the changes he wanted in just a few days. "I was quite clear, Honda took note of all my indications and in a few days they had everything prepared. We had a deposit almost one hundred percent to my liking, "he says, referring to a piece for which in its previous structure had to wait a few months. In the private training that the house held in Jerez, the runner felt much more comfortable with the modifications he had requested and was very close to the performance of his teammate, Márquez.

The pilot of Palma says "proud" of belonging to the Honda family in MotoGP, "the most laureate team in history, the one with the most victories and championships", to which the Spaniard compares with a Madrid or a Barcelona. In addition, he feels that not only will he learn from Marquez, but also the current dominator of the category will be able to learn from him. "All the pilots have our strengths and our weaknesses. Marc also has them. I will try to learn from his strengths as he also I guess he will try to learn from mine. In this way we will push each other; I will want to beat him and he will want to beat me, and that always makes the level of the team grow and helps bring new technical aspects to the bike. "

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