August 3, 2021

MotoGP 2018: Marc Márquez: "The contact will always exist in motorcycling, I do not complain" | sports

MotoGP 2018: Marc Márquez: "The contact will always exist in motorcycling, I do not complain" | sports

More mature, tanned skin in travel, falls, raids, Marc Márquez (Cervera, Lleida, 25 years) is in MotoGP to win. With his style, hard on the track. With a speech of its own, severe when it comes to defending its forms. He softens it with a cheeky laugh, sometimes faltering. Enjoy looking for limits, also those of others. And that's how he plans to win his seventh world title. Beforehand, the ground will have to be prepared this Sunday in Thailand (at 9.00, in Movistar MotoGP), on a new track that it has already conquered with a pole. Who will not be Jorge Lorenzo, who does not want to take risks after the fall on Friday.

Question. How do you manage a season that seems to have been won for months?

Answer. With the experience of 2014. That year it also seemed like it was won. But I made two consecutive zeros, in Misano and in Aragón. Then I won, but I made another zero in Australia. You have to be aware that nothing is gained until the end, that you then have a fall in the first free and … As has happened to Jorge Martín [líder de Moto3]. The risk is always there. But neither should we let ourselves be carried away. And look it's easy to say: now we relax. But what you have to do is to continue with the same mentality, that of going out to win each race.

P. Today controls the tempos better, it is more regular. Is it hard to settle for a podium?

R. Cost. People think that when I finish second or third is because I do not risk. But between the race last Sunday in Aragon and that in which I was third in Misano, I risk the same. It is not that one day I agree and the other, no. Stress, but to a point. It's the point where I'm trying to stay focused; because if not, I no longer pilot the same. For that reason, one of the ways to maintain yourself is to risk. Although passing that point is very easy. In Aragon, for example, I fell on Sunday morning. I fell because I was going to the limit, like this Saturday, because I always push, because a weekend like this could face it thinking about making a podium, I face it with that same mentality of winning.

P. And how do you find that point of the speaker?

R. That's what it costs the most. And it has to do with your feelings with the bike. The point is when you feel good with your bike, because you already know it, because you have hardly changed it during the season. There have been races in which we have thought about changes to improve, but I have stopped it. Many times I prefer to bring something I know, because I know how the bike will react when the brake is applied to the stop. The only race in which we changed the bike radically this year was Mugello. And I fell in a way that I have not yet understood.

P. Last year he fell a lot and was determined to reduce the number of falls. It takes 17, the one that more in MotoGP.

R. It is clear that you can not go from falling 27 times, like last year, to falling zero, which I will never do. I try to reduce the falls. To have advantage in the championship, to have a comfortable mattress of points, allows you to take your strategy in training. Although my style is what it is and I shoot just like before. I fall. And save many falls, which is almost like falling over. So at this point I have not improved too much.

I tighten to maintain my concentration; because if not, I no longer pilot the same. One of the ways to maintain yourself is to risk

P. In that attempt to fall less changed the bike?

R. Yes. In the pre-season I did a lot of laps to improve consistency and we changed the geometry of the bike to try to go just as fast, but with more stability. In the end, the character of the bike is one. It is seen in the number of falls that the Honda carry, in my records or those of Crutchlow[16 CAÍDAS]. Even so, I have gained consistency in the race. Although to be able to make a more stable motorcycle I lost explosiveness to a lap. Now it's harder for me to do poles and fast turns with new tires. But the change makes up for it. Saturday does not give points. And where the driver makes the difference is in the races.

P. Both Honda and Ducati have a very good performance, but it gives the feeling that he is suffering more.

R. It is true. I suffer because they have improved a lot since they introduced the new fairing. Except for the race in Aragon, the last tests have been dominated by two Ducati and I have been hooked to them as I could. The rest of the bikes stayed for five or six seconds, which is a world. But it's good that this happens: it's the way to make Honda see that next year we have to improve; we can not start the next course like that because with 19 races ahead it is very likely that we will win them.

In 2015 I had a bad time. Was a kid! I had a bad time because of what people said, what was written … It helped me learn to spend a little of everything

P. The season started with a rugged race in Argentina and harsh criticism of Rossi. Are these things affecting you?

R. They affect me zero. What happened in 2015 did affect me, it was the first time I saw myself in such a situation. But not anymore. What happened in Argentina was my mistake and I was penalized for it; I finished the race with zero points. But I had the bad luck that I made that mistake with Valentino, or against him. What happened happened. Point. In Misano I was also affected zero what happened on Thursday [Rossi se negó a hacer las paces en público]; I was the same Marc all weekend. These things do not affect me anymore because I've learned that in the paddock Nobody is essential and nobody depends on any other pilot at all.

P. Did you have a bad time in 2015?

R. Of course I had a bad time. Because now I am young, but then I was a child! I did not think much about it either because I had a clear conscience, but I had a bad time thinking about everything people said, what was written … It helped me learn to spend a little of everything. I stay with what interests me and when not, I go to mine. My grandmother, may she rest in peace, she already told me: leave it, let it enter through one ear and out through the other.

P. He recently had another run-in, with Lorenzo.

R. With what happened in Aragon I was surprised by Jorge's reaction. It was the first corner of a race, what did he want? Some go faster, others go longer. I passed two meters away from him. I had no hesitation in calling him, because one thing does not take away the other. I was interested in his state and we share our points of view.

An action is not analyzed the same with some pilots as with others. Sometimes, I would like us to race with black bikes so that we were all targets, including myself

P. Do you feel signaled when you are discussing aggressiveness in MotoGP?

R. No, because I do not complain. I did not complain in the Czech Republic, when Jorge played me, or in Austria, when he played me again. In the same Aragon race, Dovizioso touches me, I'm going long … We're rolling to a tenth of a second. It's normal for things like that to happen. One day they will hit me hard and I will fall, and it happened to me in that same first corner of Alcañiz in 2010. They are things that happen. One day and another day they give to you. The contact, even if it is minimal, will always exist in motorcycling.

P. Are there two ways of understanding competition in the paddock?

R. Yeah right. There are many points of view. And if one thinks that motorcycling is a contact sport, the next question is where is the limit. But that has to be decided by an arbitrator, because every moment is different. Then, an action is not analyzed equally when it happens with some pilots and when it happens with others. But that is impossible to change. Sometimes I would like us to run with black bikes so that we were all objective, also when I value an action. Because in every assessment there is a feeling behind and it depends who throws more for one side than for another. That happens here and everywhere.

P. What will it be like to share box with Lorenzo next year?

R. I do not know. I was the first one who did not put any problems to come, because I understand that the Repsol Honda team has to have two riders to win the World Cup, so that if it does not win one, it can win the other. So, every year. Also, with another strong driver in the team you have more opinions about the bike to develop it. On the other hand, in MotoGP, although we are in the same team, we will be united by the colors and the bike. Little more. Here inside there are two different teams and each one goes to theirs.

P. Have you recovered the hair you lost due to the stress of last year?

R. Yes, the hair began to grow in winter. This year I have been more calm.

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