March 6, 2021

MotoE, the electric motorcycles are released in the MotoGP World Championship in Sachsenring

Angel Nieto legend said that the smell of gasoline and the rumble of the engines transported him immediately to his pilot days. Noise and burned fuel have always been synonymous with motorcycle racing, but you have to think about the future of the planet and MotoGP does not want to be left behind. That's why yesterday was a historic day because the first qualifying session of the MotoE World Championship was held at Sachsenring. With a little delay because of a fire a few months ago at the Jerez circuit, the electric motorcycles reach the motorcycle world championship.

Surely the combustion engines will never be completely replaced for the high competition and, that no one is afraid, neither seems likely that they can coexist in the same category, but at the moment, the plug-in batteries have found a niche in four of the nineteen purposes of MotoGP week this course. The first date is this weekend in Germany, on August 11 they will repeat in Austria to close the year with two races in Misano (September 15) and another double in Valencia (November 17). The MotoE will roll twice on Fridays, on Saturdays the grid will be formed and on Sunday, before the three classic categories, the points will be disputed.

This Sunday at 10:00 will become a reality this championship, with a race to only 8 laps for the limited autonomy of the batteries. As this technology develops and the life of the batteries is longer, the number of turns can be increased, but today there is no choice but to cut the kilometers. A sort of sprint format to which the competitors of this category will have to adapt, formed by former world champions, such as Nico Terol, great old glories of the Gibernau level, classics like Randy de Puniet and a girl, María Herrera, who has found in the MotoE a way of re-engaging in the MotoGP World Championship. The first thing that surprises competitors and fans is the noise, or rather, the absence of it. These machines emit a kind of buzz that is peculiar when going through the goal straight. Do not use plugs to see them up close, but not scandalous does not mean they go slowly.

The Swiss Jesko Raffin was the fastest in the free one yesterday with a time of 1: 28.751 «only» just over two seconds that the best record in the FP2 of Moto3. The problem with these bikes is not so much the power, which they have to spare, as the weight and how difficult it is to brake bikes with so many kilos. That's why they do not develop all the speed they would be capable of and the pilots have recognized that this factor is the one they have most taken into account when adapting their driving. Marquez was asked on Thursday if he was attracted to the MotoE and replied that for now he is left with the "roar" of his motorcycle. «They say it's the future, everything that is polluting has to be turned around».

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