July 29, 2021

Moto3 2018: Jorge Martín, the champion who did not want to be read stories | sports

Moto3 2018: Jorge Martín, the champion who did not want to be read stories | sports

Explains his mother who could never tell a story. When Jorge Martín (Madrid, 20 years old) barely knew how to talk, at two years old, he renounced the tender scene with a demand: "No, story, no; motorcycle magazine ", said the new winner of the Moto3 World Championship to Susana Almoguera. And there was no choice but to go over one by one the Yamaha or Ducati of the time. She already knew where she was going. Angel, the father, economist, participated in amateur races and was a fan of motorcycles. "When we were boyfriends I discovered that I had a lot of Motorcycling numbers stacked at home," says Susana, an industrial sociologist, now a store clerk. And with those magazines the child was brought up. And with the dream of being a pilot. Until this Sunday, in Sepang, he was proclaimed world champion.

The road has not been easy. Wanting to be a pilot in Madrid is not a simple choice. Not even if one wins the regional mini-championship. "It was a handicap, there was nothing there and we always had to travel," recalls Susana. Martín, who at seven years received a pocket bike of the Magi, he was granted a five-year scholarship to participate in the Bancaja Cradle of Champions, born in the heart of the Cheste circuit. "Sandwich, blue cooler and macaroni with tomato. It was the weekend menu, "he recalls now.

His authentic projection began when he entered the Red Bull Rookies at the age of 14, the promotion cup promoted by the organizers of the Motorcycle World Championship. "Either they caught him or we left him, the decision was that drastic. Economically, the donkey did not give more milk, "explains the mother. Something he has not forgotten: "Either I did first or I went home." And he did. The situation became complicated a few years later. The year in which he fought for the title in the Rookies his parents, both, remained unemployed. "We went to more than 1,300 euros the race. We could only finish because the whole family helped us, "says Susana. And the boy paid the effort with his first victory in an international championship. "That's why my father always says I work much better under pressure. This year I have not felt it, "he said. Although not even with that triumph secured a place in the Moto3 World. "They asked me 200,000 euros for running. For that, I stayed at home. We are a humble family, "he insists.

But his talent has been enough to get there. And settle down. "Luckily I've always had scholarships." He debuted in Moto3 with a Mahindra in the team of Jorge Martínez Aspar, next to Pecco Bagnaia, who this Sunday was proclaimed champion of Moto2. And it improved the hard ones. "It was two years of learning, suffering with a motorcycle that forced you to brake later than the rest and to open the gas first".

This season, in which he has won the title with seven victories and ten poles, in which he has almost always been the fastest and almost always the best in the race, it is a metaphor of his career and his hard road to the top. He has not had the best weapons or the best luck: he has not driven the fastest bike and, often, has suffered the rebounds and the power of the KTM engine. They threw him in Jerez and in Le Mans, he fell in Montmeló and in Brno he fractured his wrist after a fall in the free. His mother remembers him in the hospital asking him for something to open and close his hand while he slept. "I can not let the inflammation go up," he told her. He ran the following races with a swollen and painful hand and still regained the leadership of the World Cup. When he thought he was recovered from that hand, a bad treatment caused neuritis (inflammation of the nerves that causes muscular atrophy) in Buriram, in the final stretch of the championship. His father saved him. The fan of motorcycling. He remembered that Nobby Ueda was made a glove so that he could move his hand; so he insisted to the team, to Alpinestars, until they all made a kind of bionic hand for his son, to help him open his hand and finish the race in fourth place.

Then, he fell back into Japan. But he has sentenced the course with an incontestable victory at the most difficult moment. Friend and neighbor of Aleix Espargaró, with whom he trains often and shares a representative, as with Lorenzo, with whom he practiced for years dirt track, Martin has grown this year in the race after being the last year the boy of the poles I never won on Sundays. He says that thanks to Chicho Lorenzo, the father of the world champion, he has changed his riding style and has found two or three tenths per lap that he did not have before.

Hard as a stone, tenacious, hardworking. For all that, the World Cup has won.

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