Mothers of missing migrants meet with caravan of Central Americans

Mothers of missing migrants meet with caravan of Central Americans

A group of mothers of missing Central American migrants met today with the caravan that seeks to cross these days Mexico, in an emotional meeting in which they gave encouragement to this massive contingent.

"We arrived to solidarity with all of you, migrants from Honduras," said a mother of this other caravan in search of missing children who crossed the Guatemalan border today, in the central plaza of Huixtla, in the southeastern state of Chiapas.

A group of about ten mothers-out of the 25 that make up the convoy-visited the thousands of migrants around 8:30 pm local time (00.30 GMT on Wednesday), and were received with the slogan "Force mothers!".

In response, the mothers who spoke with a megaphone gave them encouragement and courage, in a short but very emotional act.

Holding a flag of Honduras and the portrait of missing relatives, the hymn of this country was intoned with the arm raised and tears in the eyes of many of those present.

"Please, Mexico, leave the people in this place so they can work together, there is no criminal here," he added.

Another mother pointed to the United States: "Donald Trump, give them a chance," he complained.

The fourteenth caravan of mothers of Central American migrants crossed today to the border crossing of Talismán, between Mexico and Guatemala, with the objective of searching for their disappeared.


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