Mothers and young people due to the climate are concentrated today in twenty cities

Mothers and young people due to the climate are concentrated today in twenty cities

A new call for the movement for the defense of the planet, FFF or Fridays For Future (Friday for the planet), aims to mobilize this Friday to young people from a score of Spanish cities, which will be joined by the members of the organization Mothers for the climate .

The protests will focus on each city in a specific issue related to issues such as pollution, industrial malpractice or health conditions, depending on what is decided by each local group for its specific claim.

In the case of Malaga, for example, the demands of the protesters will focus on the problems generated by plastic waste, while in Madrid the criticisms will focus on air pollution in the capital.

According to one of the members of the FFF Madrid collective, Irene Rubiera, the call will be before the Congress of Deputies to denounce that "the capital of Spain has exceeded in less than 36 days the annual limit of pollution of the European Union "

This organization has decided to concentrate the protests as much as possible in the evening, in order to facilitate the assistance of other groups such as Mothers for the climate that in Madrid call to deploy a "baby block" in front of the House.

This is how his spokesperson, Yetta Aguado, described Efe's intention to "place hundreds of baby strollers" next to the parliamentary seat, while "our children will wear t-shirts in which you can read" pequesXel clima "to keep a homogeneous impulse "to what he describes as" the 15M climatic ".

It will be "another step in a level of state coordination" of 'Mothers for the climate', a group already organized "in different Spanish cities such as Valencia, La Coruña, Santander, Barcelona, ​​Badajoz, Córdoba or Salamanca", while in the international arena are aligned with Parents for Climate Letter ('Charter of Parents for the Climate') composed of parents from the United Kingdom, Germany, India, the United States or Australia.

The FFF movement has insisted on a communiqué in its fight against climate change and include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the end of extinction of species, the protection of the polar ice caps or the halting of desertification, among others, in its list of claims.

Rubiera sums it up in "stopping climate change once and for all," for which FFF asks citizens to "contribute to the construction of a new alternative for our planet."


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