June 24, 2021

Most Spaniards approve of minors under 14 making controlled departures

The Government, with a rectification in between, announced this Tuesday that children under 14 years old will be able to go out for short walks accompanied by their parents. In the absence of specifying the details of the proposal, a large majority of Spaniards show in favor of this measure, the first step in de-escalation of the state of alarm.

According to a Metroscopia survey, 62% of Spaniards support that children under 14 can go out in the street in a controlled way or to run errands with their parents. The Government initially announced that these outings would only be allowed to accompany parents on their visits to the bank or the supermarket, but finally the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, announced late Tuesday that they could go out “for walks “

33% of the respondents reject the measure announced by the Executive, a percentage that, the demoscopia company highlights, rises to 50% among Vox voters.

Metroscopia also highlights that the percentage of support for the measure does not vary much if those who have minor children are asked (60%) or if those who do not have children in that period are asked for their opinion (63%).

The barometer, however, shows that citizens are completely divided over the committee of experts that advises the Government in the fight against the pandemic. 46% of respondents approve of their work, a single point above those who disapprove of their performance in the crisis.

The document prepared by Metroscopia points out that there is a clear ideological polarization among those who answer this question: 70% of left-wing voters approve of the role of technicians, while 71% of right-wing voters suspend their work.

Regarding the general perception of the pandemic, the barometer highlights that 57% of those surveyed believe that the worst of the health crisis has already passed, representing an increase of nine points compared to a week ago.

Still, a very high percentage of the population is still afraid of getting it or of a close relative. Metroscopy highlights that this figure reaches 83% of those surveyed and represents the peak of the series of barometers produced during the state of alarm.


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