May 17, 2021

Most Southeast Asian stock exchanges begin with increases

Most Southeast Asian stock exchanges begin with increases

The stock markets of Southeast Asia started today the trading day with gains in all the parks, except in those of Malaysia and the Philippines, which did so with losses.

In Singapore, the city-state stock exchange gained 14.50 points, 0.45 percent, and placed the Straits Times index at 3,226.80 points.

In Malaysia, the stock market of Kuala Lumpur lost 3.99 points, 0.24 percent, and the KLCI index was placed at 1,675.43 points.

In the Philippines, the Manila Stock Exchange fell 136.52 points, 1.70 percent, and the PSEi indicator stood at 7,876.90 points at the beginning of the negotiation.

In Indonesia, the Stock Exchange of Jakarta advanced 10.18 points, the 0.16 percent, and the JCI index began in 6.418,97 points.

In Vietnam, the VN index of the Ho Chi Minh City stock exchange (former Saigon) opened with 911.32 points after growing 1.64 points or 0.18 percent.

In Thailand, the Bangkok Stock Exchange improved 3.21 points, equivalent to 0.20 percent, and the SET index started at 1,580.21 points.

Regarding the currencies of the region, their contributions per dollar unit were placed at the beginning of the day in:

Singapore Dollar 1,355

Philippine Peso 52,140

Indonesian Rupiah 14,135

Malaysian ringit 4,111

Thai Baht 31,898

Vietnamese Dong 22.857


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